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Ford Transit Trail v plné jízdě na nezpevněné komunikaci

Ford offers trucks with off-road capabilities. We tried them in the fishing paradise

Local Ford dealerships will also offer “slicker” versions of its Transit Custom mid-size pickup truck. An optional mechanical self-locking differential can improve its off-road capabilities.

Indeed, in three trim levels with increased off-road capabilities, it is now possible to have a car with a blue oval in the logo. The show begins with active versions, which is a designation for “outside” equipment, even for such a focus.

Transit Custom (a truck with a tin body) and Transit Custom (eight people) have a classic front grille in the active equipment case, but are distinguished from the standard versions by their black lower trim, standard roof racks and climbing steps. The ground clearance does not change, and the drive units are also classic. Inside there are seats with partial leather upholstery. They are said to be adapted to better resist dirt and are easier to clean.

You can have a look at it in the photo gallery.

Versions with the words “trail” at the end of their name have slightly higher skills in this area. You can easily recognize it by the black radiator grille, over which the letters that make up the word FORD stretch. It’s the term of the solution used in the Ranger Raptor truck. They then have a mechanical self-locking differential supplied as standard, which transmits torque to the driven wheel, which can better engage at a given moment. I tried it on a few kilometers off a dirt road near Lake Katloff. This is a fishing paradise where you can learn a lot of valuable information from world famous fisherman Jakub Vágner. The road was dry, but there was still a feeling that the car had more cravings for cornering exits than it would without this technical solution. If you want a differential, just choose a six-speed manual transmission.

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Then, all-wheel drive is only available on “large” pickups. It is available in Van, Kombi and chassis with single cab or double cab: it always has a gross weight of up to 3,500 kg and a wheelbase of 350 cm. Under the hood is a diesel 2.0 EcoBlue engine with a maximum power of 96 or 125 kW (130 or 170 hp), which is connected to a six-speed manual transmission.

Trail with 4WD

The Transit Trail’s AWD system is based on the rear-wheel drive version. Depending on the situation under the wheels, it can redirect up to 50% of the driving torque to the front axle. It is also complemented by a choice of drive mode for Slippery or Mud / Tracks and has the AWD Lock function, after which the torque is divided between the front and rear wheels in a fixed ratio of 50%: 50%. The all-wheel drive system does not limit the cargo space capacity.

So far, I’ve only been able to inspect this car on a short section of dirt road and adjacent asphalt roads. I was also pleased with the chassis setup, which was pleasantly comfortable even after overcoming the unevenness. And drove a car with empty space for cargo. I think it will be better after loading hundreds of kilometers of goods.

It is certainly a car that can be used, for example, by various repair parties, which sometimes also sometimes drive in difficult terrain. In addition, they load more necessary items into the delivery than it would be if a pick-up was used, for example. In addition to all-wheel drive, a slight increase in ground clearance will also help.

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