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Forgot iCloud account How to unlock iPhone and how to recover account on iPhone, iPad, mac

Forgot iCloud account How to unlock iPhone iCloud is one of the services provided by Apple as it depends on the cloud storage of many different areas such as cloud music storage, contacts, etc., so I invite you to learn more through the additional site.

What is iCloud?

  • It is a cloud software, the main purpose of which is to store information on a remote device rather than local, this device is known as a cloud server and it can access your information from any device.
  • This program provides external storage space to store your information away from the device storage and will give you a wide range of applications if you visit the program and are logged in.
  • If you allow the program to store contacts, it will automatically sync them between your macOS and iOS devices, so every change you make to your contacts applies to your Mac.
  • Similar to cloud storage services, iCloud Drive is one of the simplest ways to keep files in the cloud, allowing documents to be saved and accessed from other devices.
  • iCloud is free software that can be installed at no cost and the storage capacity is five gigabytes and in case you need more space you need to upgrade it which will redirect you to the paid account.

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Importance of iCloud

  • iCloud provides the ability to store information on the Internet and access it from any device such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc., even Windows devices provided they are connected to the Internet.
  • This program provides the ability to save files on giant servers, and this program provides up to 5 GB of external storage for free, along with the possibility of increasing this space.
  • You can take advantage of this software by backing up all the data of the user devices which helps you easily to restore or upgrade your devices to the latest version when they are lost.
  • The service provides the ability to locate Apple devices if they are lost, data for lost devices can be erased and reset, and service data can be synchronized.

How to upgrade storage plan

  • Upgrading from iPhone or iPad, we go to Settings and login, and from the second set of options we choose iCloud from the top of the screen.
  • Under the Storage heading and when you select it, you’ll see a graphic showing the storage capacity used. Click Manage Storage, upgrade and follow the instructions.
  • To upgrade on a Windows PC, we open iCloud for Windows, click on Storage, select Buy more capacity and change your storage plan.
  • Upgrading on Mac OS, we open System Preferences, then choose iCloud, click Manage, buy more storage and change the pricing plan.

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How to set up iCloud

  • The iCloud account is tied to the assigned ID number, so the account must be found in the Apple ID and the operating system must be updated, the remaining steps depend on the type of device used.
  • iPad or iPhone, with installation, iOS will ask if you want to use iCloud, and if it is not active, you can go back to Settings and sign in.
  • On Apple TV, we activate iCloud by entering the Apple ID, if it is not active, we go to Settings, go to Accounts, select iCloud, then log in.
  • On a Windows computer, we download and install iCloud for Windows with the Apple ID we open, and the services we want to use are marked in iCloud.
  • On a Mac, we click on iCloud via System Preferences, sign in with an Apple ID, and then choose the apps I want to use.

Create an iCloud account

How to unlock iPhone In our journey where we forgot iCloud account, first you need to create an account in iCloud via:

  • Create an account We open Settings, click Sign in to your iPhone at the top of the list, select iCloud if you are using an older version of iOS and click Create a new Apple ID.
  • Don’t have or forgot your Apple ID? Next, we choose Create Apple ID and then scroll up and down to select the day, month, year and date of birth.
  • After clicking Next, we enter the first and last name and click Next, then enter the email address or create a new iCloud email address.
  • If you have a previous iCloud email address, use your current email and create a new one, select Get free iCloud email address and click Next.
  • We press Continue, then we enter the password, it must be at least 8 characters and contain a number, an uppercase letter and at least one lowercase letter, then we press the next character.
  • We enter the phone number, then select the country of residence, then select the way we want to verify the number by sending a text message or phone call, then click Next.
  • We enter the six-digit verification code, then click Accept to accept the terms and conditions, then enter the device password.
  • After creating the account, if there is a request to merge the data, we press Merge, and when you do not want to click Merge, we press iCloud on the screen.

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Forgot iCloud account

If you forgot how to unlock iCloud iPhone account and want to unlock it, you must:

  • To unlock your iPhone, you must first download a lock tool to bypass activation on your iPhone and then start it up.
  • For the process to be successful, you need to connect your device to your computer and then click on start to be able to unlock your iPhone.
  • After you click start, a list of modules will appear and when it appears, you must select the correct modular model and after selecting, we click on next and you wait for a while.
  • This process takes from twenty minutes to half an hour, upon completion the phone will reboot itself, you need to make sure that the phone is unlocked and the call is on.

Forgot your password and email

  • One of the hardest things iOS users fall into is forgetting the password and mail when Find iPhone is enabled and it will be difficult to recover the account.
  • The first solution is that if the phone does not have an original iPhone system, it will be easy to restore the account by any service technician, and it does not cost much money.
  • When you forget everything and enable Find iPhone, but you’ve already used iTunes, you’ll go to iCloud settings, open it, search for apps, and find your mail.
  • If you’re on a Mac or Apple TV, you can look through settings and see your email on a device, but that’s something users overlook.
  • The last solution is to log in through your browser, in which case you will see that your account information is still stored and your account can be recovered via the phone number.

Get an iCloud account with a mobile phone number

If you forgot iCloud account, how to unlock iPhone and want to restore iCloud account with mobile number, you can follow the steps below:

  • We first click on the flag, then we choose the flag of your country, the country code you selected will appear, then you enter your phone number directly through the country code.
  • In this step, we do not enter any formatting, dashes or spaces, only the phone number, because the system will add spaces and formatting immediately after typing.
  • We choose the method that sends the verification code by sending a message or by phone, then you enter the six-digit verification code sent to the phone.
  • After the number is validated, this number will be added to your Adobe account so you can reset your password from your phone.

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Account Recovery on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot iCloud account and want to restore it, all you have to do is:

  • On the iPhone and iPad, you must first make sure that the device is using the latest version of iOS 10, then open Settings and select Name, then Password and Security.
  • Then we change the password, go to the change password screen in the internal control, and then type the password to lock your device in the change screen that opens.
  • We enter the new password, then retype it in the verification field and click Change, then we can enter the new Apple ID password on all devices and write the password in two fields.
  • On a Mac, we go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences, then click on iCloud, after opening iCloud, select Account Details, and then click on the Security tab.
  • We click on change password, enter the mac admin password and enter the new password in the resulting box, and then enter it again in the verification field.
  • Once approved, we click on Change and enter your iCloud password for Mac OS so you can manage account recovery and use the new password on all devices.

Unlocking iPhone at the end of our journey with forgotten iCloud account is one of the useful services that help keep iCloud files secure, and to keep your account you need to write your password and private email in a safe place so you can apply in case you forgot.

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