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Four astronauts arrived at the space station, and were transported by Musk's Crew Dragon - T24 - Czech TV

Four astronauts arrived at the space station, and were transported by Musk’s Crew Dragon – T24 – Czech TV


According to the Associated Press, there are now the largest number of people on the International Space Station in more than ten years. All the astronauts and astronauts – representing the USA, Russia, Japan and France – had to do something to press the camera during a congratulatory conversation with the heads of individual space agencies. “I think in this difficult situation in the world, you gave us all courage and hope,” said Hiroshi Yamakawa, head of the space agency, from the Japan Control Center, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I mean, it’s amazing to see eleven of you at the station,” said NASA representative Steve Goerchek. Now that the SpaceX spacecraft has regularly moved its crews into orbit, he says, that will be the norm.

Although SpaceX flew with the crew for the third time, it was now the first flight with a frequently launched device, which, according to the Associated Press, marks a major step in company founder Elon Musek’s plans to get people to the moon and Mars. The Crew Dragon Endeavor delivered a portion of the crew to the orbiting station for the first time last May, and the Falcon rocket in use on Friday carried the astronauts into space in early November. Now, for the first time, two dragons are parked on the International Space Station at the same time.

NASA is using the services of private companies to move to the International Space Station after it closed its shuttles in 2011. SpaceX started supplying cargo for the first time in 2012, and now thanks to it, NASA no longer has to completely depend on Russia to send its astronauts to an orbiting station.

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