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Four years later, better times are beginning to shine in EU-US relations

Four years later, better times are beginning to shine in EU-US relations

One of the main points of discussion was the state’s incentives for aircraft manufacturers on both sides of the ocean, Boeing and Airbus. Disputes over these giants have been going on for many years. In the end, the US and the EU agreed for a 5-year freeze on the application of tariffs on each other’s goods, which they introduced two years ago.

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“We left the lawsuits and started cooperating in the production of aircraft after nearly twenty years. It was the longest dispute in the history of the World Trade Organization. I remember very well how it all began when President Biden called me in February. Together we decided to solve this problem,” Lin said. To say we did it.”

Relations between the European Union and the United States are gaining momentum. Mutual connections may even be restarted.

“It is well known that when President Trump ruled the White House, relations with the European Union were not among the best. This to some extent reflects the personality of the President himself who was impulsive and did not take the handkerchiefs. Sometimes behaved recklessly. It brought despair to European colleagues. As That he did not hide the fact that his political agenda went to the right, mainly against the direction of such political correction, which many European politicians were dissatisfied with. So it can be said that relations then suffered. But he also set a mirror for Europeans in the fact that, on the face of In particular, if those NATO countries do not pay their obligations, the type of insurance company from the United States could essentially end. Many European politicians did not like this either, ”explains Vladimir Bar, a geopolitical geographer from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Ostrava.

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The problem of genetically modified crops

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According to him, there is now an opportunity to conclude the TTIP Trade and Investment Agreement between the European Union and the United States, which the administration of Donald Trump has thrown off the table. But it won’t be that easy.

“The truth is that there are some controversies that are likely to be difficult to resolve. This is mainly due to the very different approach that Europe and the United States take to the issue of genetically modified foods. The patriarchal European Union, which believes that the citizen is not self-sufficient enough, wants Not to produce such food because it has not yet been proven not to be harmful.While Americans deal with it in such a way that what is not proven to be harmful let it go to consumers and everyone can make their own choices.In this regard, trade in agricultural products will be one of the main themes of the cross-free trade agreement Atlantic Ocean,” Barr adds.

She notes that the EU’s agreement with Canada has been drawn up and defined for many years. According to him, the TTIP contract could be concluded by 2024 or 2025.

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