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Fourth edition of the “Moroccan Poetry Festival” in Marrakesh

Fourth edition of the “Moroccan Poetry Festival” in Marrakesh

The activities of the fourth edition of the “Moroccan Poetry Festival”, organized by the “House of Poetry” in Marrakesh, under the patronage of Moroccan King Mohammed VI, will be launched on Friday in Marrakesh, within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication in Morocco and the Department of Culture in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. .

This year’s session honors the poet and researcher Ahmed Belhaj Ait Warham, the Hassani poet Khadija Labidi Al Naha, and the Berber poet Mohamed Wakarar, in celebration of the Moroccan cultural diversity. The winners of my competition: Best Poem and Poetic Criticism for Young Poets, Critics and Researchers, in its fourth session, will also be crowned.

The opening ceremony will witness the inauguration of the “Hroufiyat 7/7” exhibition, with the participation of 7 artists in an exhibition, which will be organized during 7 days. They are: Mohamed Teverdin, Abdel Rahim Hamza, Rachid Zizi, Arshkek Lamleih, Abdelilah Al Hilali, Abdullah Burka, and Lahcen Al Farsiwi; The calligrapher and researcher, Dr. Muhammad Al-Bandawi, presents these activities.

The opening evening will witness poetry readings by poets: Abdel-Din Hamroush, Amina Lamrini and Mohamed Al-Saber, followed by a concert with the artist Magda Al-Yahawy, accompanied by the Jilali Emthered Band for Malhoun Art, alongside the artist Rachid Zeroual and musical performances on the flute.

The festival’s activities will continue, on Saturday, at the Sharkawy Iqbal Amphitheater at the Faculty of Arabic Language in Marrakesh, with the organization of the festival forum, on the theme “Poetry and Questions of Diversity”, with the participation of critics and researchers: Saeed Al-Awadi, Montana Ma Al-Enein, and Mubarak Abaazi, under the supervision of Murad Al-Qadri, head of the House of Poetry in Morocco. Poetry pioneers will have a date with the second poetry session, within the “Difaf” segment, with the participation of poets: Munir Al-Idrisi, Dalila Fakhri and Asmaa Adali Ed Bahey.

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The organizers believe that choosing the theme of the festival’s symposium (poetry and questions of diversity) translates the desire for cultural diversity to be “a horizon and a pure and creative identity for this qualitative cultural initiative.”

The course program proposes dialogues with the honorees, to continue in the garden of Arsat Moulay Abdel Salam, the poetic evening, with the “Pulse of the Poem” segment, with the participation of the poets: Noureddine Al-Zwaitni, Fatiha Morshid, Hassan Al-Wazzani, and Boudjemaa Al-Oufi, and presented by the poet and media personality, Mustafa Ghelman, in what will be the trio of “Dar Oud instrument”, in the musical accompaniment.

Within the paragraph “Alphabets and Choreography”, the artist and poet Al-Saeed Abu Khaled will interview the artist and poet Abdullah Emha, within a fixed paragraph that establishes the depth of the dialogue of poetry and arts.

The event will conclude on Sunday with the organization of a “Moroccan poem”, with the participation of poets: Ismail Ait Idar, Abdelhak Adnan, Al-Salama Hamidi and Umm Al-Eid Adnani. In the garden of Arsat Moulay Abdeslam, a “Poetry Visions” is organized with the participation of poets: Lahcen Lasaibi, Mohamed Belmou, Zakia Al-Marmouk, and Kamal Akhlaki. And the presentation of the poet Maryam Al-Maimouni, while the artist Wesal Hatem, with Mohamed Ait Al-Qadi and Yassin Al-Razi, will light up her artistic paragraphs to form the “ABCs and Music” paragraph, holding the conclusion, with the participation of the artist Nabila Maan and her band headed by the artist Tariq Hilal.