Although it sometimes appears from the Czech Republic that the EU is only dealing with the coronavirus and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the thorny rules of asylum policy remain unresolved. That is, how to distribute asylum seekers more equitably among the member states.

French President Emmanuel Macron concluded immigration with many other key topics for his country at the head of the Union under the slogan “Sovereign Europe”. “Europe must face great economic, educational, immigration and military challenges,” Macron said at the time of his six-month presidency at the head of Europe, which will precede the Czech presidency.

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Greening Europe. An unpleasant Czech task at the head of the European Union

“A sovereign Europe means to me above all that we will be able to control its borders,” the French president said, something most Czech politicians would surely sign off on.

But under another of Macron’s sentences, less so. “We also want to focus on harmonizing our rules, especially with regard to asylum, escorting refugees or migrants who are on our territory, as well as processing their subsequent movements across the continent,” the French president said.

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Immigration is an elective topic

According to diplomatic sources, in addition to increasing efforts to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the European Union, it will also increase pressure on the participation of countries like the Czech Republic in assisting the hardest-hit countries in the south with immigration. The Czech Republic is expected not only to cooperate but also to resolve issues surrounding immigration around France during its presidency.

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The hydrogen revolution. Diesel in trucks will run out

We are not going to achieve everything in this French semester. Part of that will definitely go to the Czech and Swedish presidency, French Ambassador Alexis Dutertre said on immigration policy reform in the Czech Republic.

At the same time, the French presidency also included the issue of recognizing nuclear energy as an environmental resource. According to diplomatic sources, the Czechs expect that France will mainly help them in this matter. For Macron, on the other hand, even with the presidential election in April, a major shift in negotiations on immigration will be a major issue in an election in which Macron faces radical anti-immigration opponents in particular.