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France, Germany and Spain have agreed to develop the FCAS fighter to replace the Eurofighter

France, Germany and Spain have agreed to develop the FCAS fighter to replace the Eurofighter

The machines will be the main combat aircraft in the armament of the three countries. According to the agreement, the demonstrator must take off for the first time in 2027.

The two companies will contribute 50 percent to the development. According to the Eurasian server, the project is expected to cost more than $ 120 billion (2.5 trillion kronor). However, the contract does not yet include the mandatory number of pieces taken.

The new FCAS aircraft is expected to replace the Rafal and Typhoon after 2040. Germany and France have begun agreement on joint development of the new combat aircraft over the past decade, with the German and French defense ministers signing a development agreement in 2019, the first. The phase, which lasts two years, will allocate 65 million euros. Spain joined in 2020.

Dassault manager Eric Trappier criticized the Spanish division’s involvement in Airbus, and was annoyed that Dassault’s influence was less than originally planned. Therefore, the ratio is fixed from 50 to 50.

Early in March, Dassault also mentioned controversies over whether the program was feasible, whether there was a backup plan, and asked who should lead the program. Trappier, along with Airbus Defense Director Dirk Hawke and Head of Strategy and Airbus’ Liaison with other companies, Antoine Bouvier was summoned before the French Senate. Hook said there was no alternative to the FCAS program and insisted on easing tensions, saying the failure of the program would lead to greater dependence on the United States.

Italy did not participate in the FCAS project, as it participated in the development of Eurofighter as well as Britain. Italy joined the British-Swedish project, Tempest.

French company Safran, German MTU Aero and ITP, the Spanish subsidiary of Rolls Royce, are in agreement to develop the FCAS engine.