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France has reported four cases of delta mutations in Strasbourg

France has reported four cases of delta mutations in Strasbourg

Four positive cases were identified at the Haute école des Arts du Rhine in Strasbourg. Paramedics are also checking 43 contacts, reach Le Monde’s Diary. 143 people were tested on Friday and the school was closed. Currently, the Bas-Rhin department, where Strasbourg is located, is cooperating with the regional health authorities in moving forward.

Targeted vaccinations are planned in the city over the weekend. On Sundays, 200 perks are reserved for Strasbourg and for students and staff in bars and restaurants in the neighborhoods surrounding the school. According to the authorities, these people will now have preferential access to vaccination. On the weekend of June 19-20, another 2,600 will be allocated, which will also go to the neighborhoods around the art school.

Local authorities will also send special staff to the district to inform local residents in the Krutenau district where the school is located.

According to the authorities, in the eastern French province of Ba-Rhin, the disease has not yet spread quickly, with 65 new infections per 100,000 people. In France, 108,000 people have died of Covid-19 since last year, and in the center of the country, thanks to more favorable developments, many restrictions have been lifted and the night curfew has been shortened. Another release will follow on June 30.

The delta viral variant was first identified in April in India and has since appeared in 50 countries. It is currently widely distributed in the United Kingdom. The total number of injuries in the delta in the country in the past week Outgrew From nearly 30,000 cases to more than 42,000. Results are included in this data for the first time the new Tests used by authorities to detect the delta variant that provide results within 48 hours.

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Mutations and their new nomenclature

World Health Organization (Who is the) introduced a new system for naming different variants of the coronavirus at the end of May and replaced existing names with letters of the Greek alphabet. The reason for this step was an effort to simplify scientific names and to avoid stigmatizing individual countries to which the mutations are attributed due to the initial discovery.

B.1.1.7 (“British Version”) – alpha

B.1.351 (“South African Boom”) – beta

p. 1 (“Brazilian boom”) – Domain

B.1.617.2 (“Indian Boom”) – Delta

In addition, in England, the last phase of the coronavirus relief, scheduled for June 21, is at risk due to an increase in new cases. by station BBC Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to delay easing measures for at least four weeks. The decision will be made over the weekend, and the government will announce the next step on Monday. According to the UK Department of Health, nine out of ten new cases have the delta variant.

Sweden is currently also concerned about the spread of this option. “There are dark clouds on the horizon, and by that I mainly mean the spread of the delta variant. It is happening in Europe as well as in Sweden,” said Johan Karlsson, head of the local public health office. So far, only 71 of the variant cases have been confirmed in Sweden, but This led to the intensification of the tracing of contacts, States agentura Reuters.