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France is a little different, half-timbered houses, cabbage and great white wine on the Alsatian trail

France is a little different, half-timbered houses, cabbage and great white wine on the Alsatian trail

Alsace is beautiful thanks to its beautiful landscapes and old villages surrounded by endless vineyards, but it also connects me with a plethora of beautiful experiences with my loved ones. There are really a lot of interesting things here not only to see, but also to taste. It is for this reason that I would like to offer you this specific (even for the French) part of the country and recommend it – whether for a short visit, a long weekend, or even a week’s vacation, for example on bikes.

Between the two places I visit most often, there are vineyards (not only pleasing to the eye) that cover the foothills of the mountains regiment It extends as far as one can see, that is, to the Alsatian wine trail over a hundred kilometers long, called in French route des vins.

I have passed this piece of land, which is popular with locals and tourists from home and abroad, many times. Whether by train winding along the track between the hillsides regiment and the Rhine, by car along the scenic wine trail, or on the many bike tours. However, the most beautiful experience is in the small villages that feature colorful half-timbered houses, storks, or pastries. It is worth visiting there, seeing everything up close and, last but not least, tasting it.

Advice for a car trip along the Wine Route – from Strasbourg to Colmar:

  • who – which Strasbourg Head to the city Molsheim. Here, for example, the museum is interesting Bugatti The brand was founded here in 1909.
  • Then move the s – already along the wine trail – to Obernai.
  • After exploring the city, continue south along the Wine Trail.
  • Turn around and park in the hills at the castle Haut Königsburg. The view is really worth it.
  • Return to the wine trail and move forward ribofil and then REQUIRE. There are many beautiful, good, often family-run wineries here. But they are also along the way.
  • End the trip in Colmar. There are many attractions, good restaurants, cafes and shops.
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France or Germany? or something in between?

I sometimes hear (especially from French from other parts of the country!) objections and jokes about this region, that Alsace is not the “real France” or is in fact Germany – which from a historical point of view and due to the old controversies and changes of hegemony over this border region, makes sense a bit, and therefore it is not surprising that this observation is made when looking at German architecture, after tasting local cabbage with smoked meat or hearing the local Alemannic dialect AlsatianThat is, Alsatian, wandering.

I thought so for a while, too, but changed my mind over time. Because what is France? Is there such a thing as “real France”? Is it Paris, Marseille, or Lyon? Is it the snowy alpine peaks and luxury ski resorts, or the fragrant lavender-purple fields of the Mediterranean? Or perhaps bleak stone houses in Normandy or endless sand dunes on the Atlantic?

France is all this and more. Including those half-timbered German houses of all colors and sizes, on the chimneys in which storks nest again after years, heaps of sauerkraut with potatoes and joint of roast pork or sausage, dry Riesling, fruit Explode, Explode The dialect is reminiscent of German.

Crémant d’Alsace on a vineyard near Riquewihr. Photo: Matthias Mezer

Unforgettable names, but unforgettable experiences

Alsace offers many emblematic places or various historical monuments to visit. However, one of the most interesting tourist attractions is undoubtedly the local wine trail, which runs along picturesque villages and small towns with mainly German names such as BlienschwillerAnd the Niedermorschauer whose Vœgtlinshoffen, which is almost impossible to remember. It doesn’t matter much, because what you experience and taste there, you won’t forget.

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Key facts about Alsace:

  • Alsace consists of two French departments: Rain sculpture And the Out Rain, which can be translated as the Lower Rhine and the Upper Rhine, with the lower in the north and the upper in the south. This may seem strange at first glance, but the names of the regions are based on the direction of the Rhine River, which meanders north from the Swiss border and roughly separates France and Germany in this region.
  • An area of ​​nearly two million people is located in the northeastern part of France. It is bordered by Germany to the east, Switzerland to the south, and France to the west Lauren And in the southwest and then the region French Comte.
  • It is one of the most fertile regions of Central Europe. Alsace has a very rich and intensive agriculture characterized by small farms. This is especially true of the vineyards along the slopes of the mountains regiment.
  • Among the most important Alsatian white wines is Riesling (Riesling), tramin red (Gewürztraminer), sylvan green (sylvanir) and Auxerroa and Pinot Blanc (Pinot Blanc).
  • The most popular French beer with this name also comes from here Kronenburg 1664.
  • Local cuisine is very similar to German cuisine. It is particularly famous for its roast pork and sauerkraut, but it also excels in production Phua or asparagus.
  • Alsace is a former region of France. Since 2016 with regions champagne arden And the Lauren Form a new area called Grand Foundation.

Almost the same path begins in the village Marlinheim North West Strasbourg It ends in the village tan west of the city Melusi (French Mulhouse). However, my favorite part of this road is far from the city Celestate after, after Colmar. At first, the hills begin to rise, so the pass offers beautiful views of both the mountains and the plain below, as well as the vineyards themselves. Thus, narrow roads and bicycle paths dot these plants with grapes, which are bordered by carefully built stone walls and numerous wineries and villages.

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Definitely worth a stop on this road

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