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France launches a rocket carrying a military satellite into space

France launches a rocket carrying a military satellite into space

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On Saturday, France succeeded in launching an Ariane 5 rocket carrying a military communications satellite into outer space.

French media reported that the launch I got from Kourou base in French GuianaThe move came as part of the Syracuse program to promote France in space.

According to the information, the satellite will allow the French armies deployed around the world to communicate with each other quickly and completely securely.

The mission was successfully completed after 38 minutes and 41 seconds of launch, and the satellite entered Earth’s orbit and began operating normally.

“The satellite is designed to withstand military attacks from Earth and space, as well as jamming,” said Colonel Stéphane Spit, a spokesman for the French Air Force and Space Forces. It is equipped with means of monitoring its immediate surroundings and has the ability to move around to avoid an attack.”

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The value of the “Syracuse” program amounted to about four billion euros, as the French military factory developed multiple generations of satellites, up to the fourth generation and the latest.