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France ... Police remove tents of illegal immigrants in anger with British

France … Police remove tents of illegal immigrants in anger with British


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French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann has announced that French police have removed the tents of settlers in Grand-Saint.

According to the Reuters agency, French police have removed the tents of illegal immigrants off the north coast near Dunkirk.

This comes after increasing British anger over the increase in the number of illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel through the French coast.

More than 1,000 refugees arrived in the UK on the same day last week.

Last Sunday, security forces rescued or detained 1,115 migrants trying to cross the English Channel in two days, the British Home Office said.

Agence France-Presse reports that tensions between the United Kingdom and France have risen as the number of migrants crossing the canal in small boats has increased since Britain’s exit from the European Union earlier this year.

During a visit to the Lone Place in northern France on Saturday, French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann called for the signing of a settlement agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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On Saturday, British authorities said they had arrested 491 people in 17 operations and 624 operations in 23 operations, while French authorities prevented 414 migrants from reaching the UK in the same two days.

Don O’Mahoney, chairman of the Interior Ministry’s committee trying to control the number of immigrants coming to the UK, said the government was “determined” to deal with what he called an “unacceptable increase in dangerous channel crossings.”

“Working with police and international partners, nearly 300 people have been arrested, 65 have been convicted of petty boat offenses, and our target efforts have thwarted more than 13,500 immigration efforts so far this year,” O’Mahoney said.

According to figures from the British local news agency BA, more than 17,000 migrants have flown into the UK in small boats since the beginning of this year, more than double that by 2020.