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France recommends a safe zone in Kabul to continue humanitarian operations

France recommends a safe zone in Kabul to continue humanitarian operations

The French Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the purpose of the draft resolution to establish a safe zone is to reopen Kabul Airport quickly and safely to continue humanitarian operations.

According to al-Arabiya Net, the draft resolution in the Security Council is joint with the United States, Germany and Britain, noting that the Taliban must respect international humanitarian law, human rights and the dignity of Afghan women.

Two days ago, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the United Nations would take steps to establish a “safe zone” in the Afghan capital, Kabul, to protect humanitarian operations.

“This is very important. It will provide a framework for the United Nations to act on emergencies,” Macron said in a statement issued by the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

Macron also clarified that this safe area would allow the evacuation of persons who wished to leave Afghanistan.

He pointed out that such a safe area would, above all, allow the international community to “continue to put pressure on the Taliban, who are now in power in Afghanistan.”

France ended its exits on Friday, while the United Kingdom ended its efforts on Saturday.

On the contrary, US forces are operating in dangerous and chaotic conditions to complete massive evacuations from Kabul airport by the August 31 deadline.

Macron announced during a regional conference in Baghdad on Saturday that he would begin “talks” with the Taliban with the aim of “protecting” Afghanistan from danger and “expelling” them after August 31.

He explained to reporters in Iraq that the evacuations were being made in collaboration with Qatar, which could “organize air traffic operations” in the context of talks with the Taliban.

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Significantly, France expelled 2,384 people from Afghanistan two days after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, including 142 French and 17 Europeans and more than 2,600 endangered Afghans.