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فرنسا تطوير أقمار صناعية تستخدم لأغراض دفاعية على ارتفاعات هائلة

France: the development of satellites used for defense purposes at huge altitudes

French Defense Minister Florence Parly revealed that her country has developed new satellites that are used for defensive purposes at huge altitudes, capable of monitoring every spot on the globe, and have special capabilities that enable them to avoid interference, disruption, or missile attacks from Earth or space.

This came in an article by the French minister, published by the American magazine “Defense News”, as part of an expanded file of military and security expectations for the new year 2022, which attracted more than 26 prominent figures from Western and allied countries, including defense ministers, military leaders, researchers, prominent strategists, and directors of defense companies. And great technology.

The minister criticized the recent Russian missile test to target a satellite in space, describing it as a “reckless experiment”, and called for the activation of international laws to ensure disciplined behavior in space.

Barley said her country has developed two satellites; They are (Syracuse) and (Serez), and they are located at a distance of more than hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and they are helping France to take a new step in the defense of its citizens.”

The minister added that (Syracuse) represents a cornerstone of our sovereignty, as this satellite provides the French army with the capabilities to operate and exchange millions of gigabytes of information simultaneously.

And she continued: Without (Syracuse), the French army would not have been able to carry out “Operation Hamilton” to destroy chemical weapons in Syria in 2018, continuing: “At that time, there were two satellites; the third joined them in October 2021.

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And she added that for the moon (Ceres), which settled in November 2021, it gave France the first electromagnetic observation capabilities in space, the first in Europe, in a clear sense, it will be possible to follow any part of the globe, and whatever the weather – even with The accumulation of clouds and clouds – it will detect any material that emits electromagnetic waves, whether it is an air defense radar, or an armed vehicle that communicates with other vehicles or with soldiers via radio communication devices.

She pointed out that the new satellites enjoy privacy; It was designed to resist any military attacks from Earth or space, in addition to its resistance to interference, saying: “We have noticed in the past, foreign satellites that focus their operations on penetrating and spying on other satellites…and we were not alone in that. There are 8 other countries, including European, I noticed this phenomenon.

The French minister added, “If space represented a new frontier in the 1960s, it is undoubtedly in our time a new front in the battlefield… Today, space has become an essential pillar of our defense, as the operations of anticipating and planning maneuvers, determining enemy locations, and directing Troops on the ground, communications: Not a single indication of our operations can happen without space capabilities…Working in and through space is our goal..For this reason, President Emmanuel Macron is determined to offer France a true space defense strategy.

Parly called on Europe to take up this issue, adding: “We will be ready to provide support and share our vision and experience with them in this field. It is essential that countries are able to control risks… It is imperative that we continue to defend free access to space and maintain our ability to do so.” In that matter, the question of our independence is at stake, as will our freedom of judgment, access, and action in space.

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The French Minister of Defense added that in light of France’s preparations to chair the Council of the European Union during the first half of 2022, achieving strategic partnerships, especially with regard to outer space, will be on the agenda. It is also an issue we want to raise to NATO, which has reorganized Space as the fifth operational front in 2019. The future headquarters of NATO’s space innovation will be located in the French city of Toulouse.