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France threatens European mediation in fishing file with Britain

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Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced at a press conference on the EU presidency that Europe wants to know how to “protect its borders” in the face of the migration crisis, especially through reform in the Schengen area. .

Macron said he hopes to “establish a political guideline for the Schengen area” through regular meetings of European ministers responsible for these issues, in addition to solidarity support mechanisms in the event of a crisis on the borders of member states.

He added at a press conference: “This idea, which seemed unthinkable four years ago, establishes that we – the Europeans – face general threats (…) whether we are members of NATO or not … and that we have common goals.”

On the other hand, the French President said that the European Union should play a greater role in the security of the Sahel region in Africa, adding that he wanted to establish a security relationship between France and the Sahel region in West Africa. A European affair, fighting with militants.

Raise the tone

For his part, French Foreign Minister Annick Girardin pointed out that his country would mediate at the European level in the fisheries dispute with Britain if the UK did not grant all necessary licenses by Friday evening.

Although 11 months after the post-Brexit trade deal, the marathon talks continue until this evening, when Girordin felt that the patience of the French fishermen had reached its limit when it came to resolving the Brussels London fishing license issue.

“If all the licenses are not granted on Friday evening, France will demand a meeting of the Association Council responsible for ensuring the implementation of the post-Brexit agreement and will acknowledge that the UK has not honored its signature,” he said. French Senate.

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“Here, too, sanctions may be imposed,” he explained: “The committee will consider them if they use controversy and response measures.”

“We have 1,004 licenses and we are still waiting for 104. This is a major issue: they are fishermen, families,” he said. One job at sea is four jobs on land.

According to an agreement signed between London and Brussels at the end of 2020, European fishermen could continue to work in British waters, varying in the nature and quantity of resources that British and French have to provide if they have previously been proven to have worked. .