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لخلاف حول الصيد..فرنسا تهدد بإجراءات انتقامية ضد بريطانيا

France threatens retaliation against Britain, in a row over fishing

Paris / Anatolia

The French government warned on Wednesday that it could retaliate against Britain within the next week if it violated understandings of marine fishing under the Brexit agreement.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal described the British government’s position on the controversial fisheries agreement as “unacceptable”.

He added at the press conference that the French government and fishing associations had always submitted the necessary documents to the UK (for fishing licenses) and were very patient in this “worrying situation”.

“We have always respected the agreement, but the UK does not respect it,” Atal said.

Four months after the end of the post-Brexit agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, a conflict erupted between London and Paris over the access of French fishermen to British waters.

The controversy was sparked by changes in Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union over the fishing rights of the United Kingdom and EU navies.

Paris believes the new rules set by London will restrict fishing rights around Jersey, which is a violation of the “Brexit” agreement.

Moreover, France, which supplies about 95 percent of the electricity to the British island of Jersey, had previously threatened to cut off supplies to the British island due to a fishing dispute.

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