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France to announce list of sanctions against Britain tomorrow

France to announce list of sanctions against Britain tomorrow

France has announced that it will announce a list of possible sanctions on Britain today, Wednesday and tomorrow, Thursday.

It added that some sanctions against Britain would take effect on November 1.

AndFrance warned last weekThe possibility of “Brexit” imposing sanctions on Britain over the weekend for disregarding the British exit agreement with the European Union.

French Prime Minister Jean-Kastiks has said Britain does not respect his commitment to Brexit.

In previous reports, he had warned that his country was considering reconsidering its relationship with Britain and that bilateral cooperation between the two countries was in jeopardy.

He said he had asked the European Commission to “move more” and “take a more firm” stance towards Britain in the fishing series between Paris and London.

He continued: “If this is not enough, we will put pressure … The British must respect their promises and reconsider all the terms of the agreements concluded under the auspices of the EU, but we will reconsider bilateral cooperation. We and the UK.”

Caustics ‘comments came after an interview with Radio 1 Europe’s French Minister for European Affairs Clement Bonn this month, in which he said European countries would announce in a few days’ measures to pressure London to abide by the Brexit agreements concluded with Britain. Left the EU.

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