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France wants Wish blocked in search engines because it sells fake and low-quality goods - Živě.cz

France wants Wish blocked in search engines because it sells fake and low-quality goods – Živě.cz

Several French ministers issued joint statement, where they announced that they had asked the major search engines and mobile app stores operating in France to do so in full Hide links to Wish website and mobile apps. About an interesting case Notifies the TechCrunch website.

For most readers, we definitely don’t have to introduce Wish – for others, it’s a popular e-commerce platform that mostly references products from Chinese merchants. Wish itself does not keep any inventory because merchants send merchandise directly to customers.

French Ministers vs. Desires

The French department, which is responsible for consumer rights and tax fraud, launched an investigation into Wish last year. The reason is suspected of misleading consumers before The sale of counterfeit goods is allowed – For example, sports shoes and perfumes with images that illegally depict the logos of famous brands.

Additional investigation focused on the safety of the products sold, and it must be noted that its results have been dismal. Up to 95% of games purchased on this platform do not comply with European regulations, and 45% of them are rated as dangerous. In the case of electronics, up to 90% of the products were dangerous.

When Wish is notified that it is selling dangerous goods, these products are expected to be disposed of within 24 hours. distance “In most cases, these products remain available under a different name and sometimes from the same retailer. The Company does not keep any records regarding transactions with incompatible and dangerous products.” It states the French Ministry of Economy.

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In July 2021, French authorities informed Wish of their findings and requested Compliance with European regulations on e-commerce and product safety. The sales platform has been given two months to meet these requirements, with further steps taken in the event of non-compliance.

The ban is in the interest of consumers

Four months later, the French government is taking advantage of recent changes to the European regulation of Remove or block websites and apps. It is a complex process during which it is necessary to submit official applications to search engines and app stores. At the time of writing, the Wish app is still available in the App Store, and the Wish site is still showing up in Google search results.

However, Wish cannot be completely blocked – the website will continue to be available and mobile applications installed on smartphones will continue to work, not to mention that they will be installed from alternative sources in the case of Android devices. However, it will not be possible to install the application from the official repositories and Wish pages should not appear in search engines.

If the French administration considers Wish has made changes to comply with French regulations, it may lift the ban. With this radical decision, France sets a precedent based on the argument that It works in the interest of consumers.

A Wish spokesperson said the platform has a number of proactive mechanisms designed to prevent, detect and remove offers that violate local laws or safety standards. They include a powerful internal notification mechanism and withdrawal procedures, as well as rules for repeated violations by traders. He didn’t say how Wish would specifically respond to the ban’s spokesperson.

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