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Frankfurt Stock Exchange achieved profits in the second week

4.6.2021 17:52

The DAX closed down 0.41% to 15,696.42 points.

DAX index +0.41% na 15696,42 b.
strongest work time weakest stock time
Delivery Champion (AED) +2,1% MTU Aero . engines (MTX) -1,5%
merck (MRK) +2,0% German Bank (DBK) -1,5%
Phonovia (VNA) +1,3% HeidelbergCement (it’s me) -1.0%
succulents (succulents) +1,2% Adidas (Advertisement) -0.7%
Infineon Technologies (IFX) +1,0% Siemens Energy AG (ENR) -0.5%

During the week of this week’s trading session, the DAX index balanced around the profit and loss margin, eventually consolidated the bag and closed up 0.41% to 15,696.42 points, then the European SXXP index moved similarly. . Although it started growing in the afternoon, it posted a similar gain in the boom period, rising 0.39% to 452.56 points.

In the European region, the IT sector was stronger at the end of trading (+1.27%), which was led by the semiconductor sector (+1.60%) and software companies (+1.29%). The growth of the IT sector for example was reflected in Infineon Technologies (IFX; +1.0%) and SAP (SAP; +1.2%) of the DAX Index. Thus the healthcare sector (+0.92%), real estate (+0.71%) and materials (+0.60%) sector grew. In contrast, companies in the finance (-0.50%) and energy (-0.50%) sectors did not succeed.

In addition to the change in IT companies, Delivery Hero (DHER; +2.1%), Merck (MRK; +2.0%) and Vonovia (VNA; +1.3%) were boosted by the DAX. The loss was written off by MTU Aero Engines (MTX; -1.5%), Deutsche Bank (DBK; -1.5%), HeidelbergCement (HEI; -1.0%).

Source: Bloomberg

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