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Fraudsters pull drawings from people.  They claim to be defective

Fraudsters pull drawings from people. They claim to be defective

An online document circulation started, in which Chinese retailers warn customers about defective AMD Radeon RX 580 cards, and for this reason, they announced a contract event so that people could bring their models and be able to solve the problem.

These auto contract events are by no means exceptional, but in the computer world we rarely meet them – usually only at the moments in a user’s life that are not overrated. For example, if the sources have faulty wiring and there is a risk of electric shock.

All similar reports about a graphics card contract event contain one similar event, it looks like an official document from AMD. However, this manufacturer has already issued an official statement denying all the information about the defective cards and describing the entire meeting event as a fraud.

The reason Chinese scammers decided to do this trick is simple. Graphics cards currently have a gold price due to their unavailability. It is no exception that even multi-year-old models are sold in the bazaars at prices higher than what people bought years ago.

They want to sell or mine the cards

Thus, according to the available information, fraudsters do not want to fix the cards, but simply want to either monetize them or use them to mine various cryptocurrencies. Strong graphics are in demand not only among players, but also among miners. After all, this is one of the reasons why graphics are a rare commodity today.

Of course, not only do fraudsters have to entice AMD cards from people, but they can also claim that there are some issues with their base Nvidia cards.