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Freedom of expression is guaranteed and freedoms are never compromised

Freedom of expression is guaranteed and freedoms are never compromised

Tunisian President Kais Saied stressed, on Friday, that freedom of expression in Tunisia is guaranteed and that freedoms are not compromised at all.

Said said in an interview broadcast by the Tunisian presidency via Facebook that “those who stole the Tunisian people’s money must return it to the people,” adding, “Those who were in the House of Representatives are the ones who tampered with the state’s capabilities…there are hundreds of billions that have been alerted by the Tunisian people.”

Said stated that “what has been resorted to is based on the constitution and not outside it,” noting that there are some difficulties in Tunisian regions that some intended “to offend the presidency of the republic.”

He continued: “Whoever talks about violating the constitution is a liar, because I consulted the article’s prime minister and the speaker of Parliament,” stressing that “what was done after long patience under the constitution is not a coup.”

AndThe Tunisian President affirmed his respect for the judicial proceduresHe explained that “no one was arrested except for those who had cases before the courts.”

Saeed criticized the statements of some leaders, saying: “The statements issued today by a number of leaders that they will take to the streets are against the constitution.”

The Tunisian president vowed: “I will not let them strike the Tunisian state and threaten the institutions. We bear the responsibility before the people.”

Later, on Friday night, a presidential order was issued banning all demonstrations and family, private and public gatherings in open or closed spaces.

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Another presidential order amended the curfew period for people and vehicles to be from 10 pm to 5 am, starting from the first of August.

On Friday, Tunisian President Said ordered the termination of the duties of Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, Mohamed Ali Nafti.

Tunisia’s Foreign Minister: The president’s decisions are based on the provisions of the constitution

For his part, Tunisia’s Foreign Minister, Othman El-Garandi, confirmed Friday night that Tunisian President Said’s decisions are based on the provisions of the constitution, “and come within the framework of maintaining and protecting the stability of Tunisian state institutions in light of the exacerbation of political tensions.”

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that Al-Jarundi stressed, during a phone call with his Spanish counterpart, that “his country is continuing its democratic political path and its commitment to protecting rights and freedoms.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that “the recent measures fall within the framework of a temporary organization of the authority until the end of the danger that threatens the Tunisian state and the proper functioning of its institutions.”