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French astronaut captures stunning views of the “blazing” aurora borealis from space

Twitter / @Thom_astro

The aurora borealis from space

The sun has recently witnessed many events, and it sent wonderful emissions of solar material that reached the earth, which launched an amazing display of the aurora borealis on our planet.

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Discovering the presence of water in an ancient galaxy far from the beginnings of the universe!

Not only did the people of Earth see the shimmering waves of colored lights, but the crew of the International Space Station had a wonderful opportunity to observe the aurora borealis from space.

A recent photo that French astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared on his Twitter account on Sunday, November 7, shows a dazzling display of aurora dominated by a radiant green ring with shards of light emanating from the curvature of our planet.

Documenting the moment the spectacular solar flare generates the aurora borealis, European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet took the photo and is making the most of it in the final days of his orbital mission.

Pesquet wrote on Twitter: “We have dealt with the most powerful aurora events in the entire expedition, over North America and Canada. Incredible heights above our orbit, flying right above the center of the ring, waves and rapid pulsations and pulsations everywhere.”

Science explains how the aurora borealis form, as it occurs when charged particles from the sun interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. “When we see the glowing aurora, we see a billion individual collisions, illuminating the Earth’s magnetic field lines,” says NASA.

But Pesquet’s photo of the International Space Station is less about science than it is a celebration of the sheer splendor of the dreamlike phenomenon. It is a reminder of our planet’s relationship to our star, the source of life and light.

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Source: CNET