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friendly colombia {helpful}...and green mistakes {many}

friendly colombia {helpful}…and green mistakes {many}

friendly colombia {helpful}…and green mistakes {many}

Experts talked about the players affected by the “hard season”

Tuesday – 8 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1443 AH – 07 June 2022 AD Issue No. [

The Saudi national team lost the friendly against Colombia yesterday (SPA)

Dammam: Ali Al-Qattan

Saudi football experts confirmed that there are many benefits that the Saudi team gained from facing its Colombian counterpart in the start of the preparation phase for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Faisal Al-Badin, the former coach of the Saudi national team, said that Al-Akhdar performed well in its first preparatory match, especially as it faced a strong and experienced team in the South American continent, although it did not succeed in reaching the next World Cup in Qatar.
He added: “I do not know the mechanism by which teams are selected to prepare, especially with regard to preparing for a major tournament, but I see underestimating the Colombian team, as it was not present in the next World Cup by some observers. It may not be positive or rather logical because the teams in the South American continent are similar in terms of The style, structure and method of technical performance, and there is an opening match in the next World Cup against Argentina, taking into account the technical differences at least between the Argentine and Colombian teams, but the most important thing in such matches is friction and experience and monitoring the negatives in order to fix them and enhance the positives.
And he indicated that there was a lot of talk about the weak technical performance of the Saudi team in the first half, not appearing as expected, and many mistakes in the back areas, but the performance in the second half improved, which means that the coach and his assistant Laurent studied the first half and worked quickly to correct the errors, which had a positive impact in the half. Second, the improvement in performance gives a positive indication that must be worked on.
He considered that the beginning of any preparation stage must include a technical test of the players’ abilities in terms of technical and physical terms and the ability to deal with the conditions of the match, regardless of the outcome; As the chances of the Colombian team to score more goals were high in the first half, but the result ended with a single goal and there were Saudi attempts in the offensive side in the second half, which must be worked to strengthen during the next preparation stages, especially since the time is about “5” months, which is It is not a long period of time in order to prepare a team unless there is potential in the ranks of this team, but the current team includes elements whose ability can be trusted.
He stressed that the coach has a good opportunity to try all the elements available to him to reach the most appropriate squad for the official matches in the World Cup, noting that friendly matches usually witness an abundance of changes and therefore it is difficult to compare them to the team’s performance.
As for the national coach, Bandar Al-Juaithin, he considered that the Saudi team was suffering from diverging lines and many mistakes, which made it easier for the Colombian team to reach the Saudi goal in the first half, and it almost came out with a bigger result, but the situation improved in the second half, as work was done to close the back areas in a better organization that made The performance is improving and there is Saudi access, albeit limited, to the Colombian goal.
Al-Jaithin indicated that there is more than one friendly match against the Saudi national team, and it is important to make full use of it and try as many names as possible in order to reach the appropriate combination that will enter the opening match against Argentina, as this match is of great importance because a positive result from it will give motivation. Strong enough to continue in the World Cup.
Al-Jaithin said that coach Renard understands the difference between the teams he faced in the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup and those he will face in the World Cup in terms of physical structure, skills and technical capabilities. Therefore, the approach to preparing for the World Cup must be completely different in terms of the standards it adopts from the standards of the Asian qualifiers.
For his part, coach Abdulaziz Al-Khaled said: “I think it is very natural that the team did not appear as required and expected. Yes, the team deservedly reached the World Cup, and everyone agrees that there is a clear imprint of coach Hervey and the technical work in preparing the team.
He considered that the Saudi team faces the two most important problems, the first is that some players reach the top of fatigue and saturation due to the large number of participations with the team and clubs, and the second is the lack of participation of some players in official competitions and matches and their sitting on the bench throughout the season with the presence of the seven foreigners, and this is a big problem with which the players will not be ready Required and good technical presence because they lose the sensitivity of the matches and the spirit of competition, challenge and play under pressure; Therefore, we may provide an excuse for the lack of a convincing technical presence in such matches.
He added, “Yes, the team misses good organization, especially the defensive aspect, the spacing of the lines, and the absence of the coach’s imprint, perhaps due to his absence due to illness, as the team officials mentioned, and the assistant coach worked hard to try to revitalize the team’s performance, but was unsuccessful in improving the performance despite the diligence substitutions, which confirm the modest potential.”
While Youssef Anbar, the former Saudi national team coach, said that preparing Al-Akhdar through international friendlies with teams with international expertise is nothing but giving players a kind of confidence in confrontations similar to the World Cup. Coach Renard has goals, including standing up to preparing all the elements.
Finally, coach Mohamed Abu Arad considered the Colombia match to be beneficial for Al-Akhdar in all respects, and it was necessary to play this type of match because it is against teams that have a strong physique and high skills.

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