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From 1.6. People get a QR code about the enrollment, and children’s corners in the stores will be opened

These aim to make it easier for people to travel across Europe. Health Minister Adam Voitch said after one government, I will propose that Parliament approve this in an expedited system.

It would be good for the Minister of Health to address the opposition, Prime Minister Andrzej Papi. Former minister Peter Arenberger tried to present the bill to him, and he did not leave the government, but the opposition did not want to discuss the bill quickly.

When I went to the Health Ministry on Wednesday, tasked with reviewing the law, living with it, Minister Voich said in a discussion on CNN PRIMA News on Sunday. According to him, it is important that the certificates are recognized within the EU customs.

We are among the five countries that operate a QR code based on the European standard, Prime Minister André Papi said on Sunday in his summary for the week au.

DTSK’s corners are fully open

The government decided that the corners of children could be opened in a dealer, but only at full capacity. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havelik on Twitter during the Cabinet.

While teaching singing, dozens of new cities will be able to take pictures, so they can take pictures, while children will be able to put their hands and respirators on and take pictures without them.

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Thus, the Cabinet approved the extension of the ventilator exempt from value-added tax until the end of June, as announced by Finance Minister Alina Shelrov after one government.

Kon proplcen corporate wages due to covidu

The government decided to end payment of company wages due to Covid. As of June, only contributions to quarantined people can receive benefits from antivirus software.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Malouf said that the development of government measures in these weeks continues, so we are only extending the system that relates to quarantine and isolation due to Covid-19 disease.

In the near future, Foreign Minister Jakob Kolnik said, he could give Russia enough to replace the token due to the Moninho depot explosion in FRPTIS.