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From a painful ostrich to a wonderful woman -

From a painful ostrich to a wonderful woman –

Source: Courtesy of A. Slováčková


Singer and actress Anna Slovakova (25 years old) is an amazing fighter who helps many with her story. She went through a malignant breast cancer that she was able to beat, and now she is a true hope, inspiration and strength for those going through the same or similar situation. She published comparative pictures on social networking sites of an “ostrich” on her head, describing what she had to go through and what she is living through now.

“So another student in the class, right? I start June a year later. Ostrich on his head. Painful, tired, swollen, worried if it could go back to how it was,” she wrote. As the saying goes, never enter the same river twice, and Anika is aware of that.I can not. After these experiences (whatever they are) it will not be the same as it was in the past. But it could be much better. Everything pushes us forward. perseverance. hanging. Be strong/strong,” Anna Julie Slovakova wrote about the film, which reminds her of what she had to go through And how long this difficult life test took her.

Hope and strength for other fighters

He is a great source of inspiration and constant support for his followers. “you can do it. Whatever test life brings you. Today I – almost Mikado. Still a little achy sometimes, so tired, sad here and there. But I know it always was and always will be. Going back is no longer good. We have to move on,” Anička added to the contribution, for which many of her followers thanked.

“I am going through like this right now, you give me great hope and strength, thank you.” Said one fan who fights an unfavorable fate. “Anička, you are a warrior. I like you very much. I think he will only get better,” added other followers, who have supported Anna from the very beginning of her fight against the disease.


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