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«من شارع الهرم إلى» أثار جدلاً واسعاً منذ بداية عرضه.   أرشيفية

“From Al Haram Street to” and “The Choice 3” .. at the fore in the Ramadan drama race

The series “From Pyramid Street to” and “The Choice 3” topped the viewers’ choices of “Emirates Today” readers, among their answers during the survey published by the newspaper through its accounts on social media, about the dramatic work that drew their attention since the beginning of Ramadan 2022.

The readers’ answers also included a number of dramas that are shown this year, especially since the first weeks of the holy month represent a survey period during which viewers learn about the dramas that are shown, and with time the viewer chooses the series that he decides to continue watching throughout the month.

The series “From Pyramid Street to” topped the nominations of the readers participating in the survey, as well as the “Trend” through social networking sites, after it sparked widespread controversy even before its presentation, and the discussion is still growing about work, because of the bold issues that the episodes raise, and what it presents. Some of the scenes described by some as deviating from the values, customs and traditions of the Kuwaiti society in which the events of the series take place.

And the series “From Al Haram Street to” written by Heba Mashari Hamada, directed by Al Muthanna Sobh, and co-starring: Hoda Hussein, Khaled Al Braiki, Laila Abdullah, Abdel Mohsen Al Qaffas, Nour Al Ghandour, Maram, Khaled Al Shaer and Iman Al Husseini.

The series “The Choice 3” came in second place, which deals with events in Egypt in 2013 before the outbreak of the June 30 revolution.

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And the Egyptian series, written by Hani Sarhan, directed by Peter Mimi, and starring: Ahmed El-Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, Yasser Jalal, Khaled El-Sawy, Sabri Fawaz, Jamal Suleiman, Mohamed Riad, Iman El-Asi, Heidi Karam, Samar Morsi, Nour Mahmoud , Khaled Zaki, Mona Abdel Ghani, Mufid Ashour, Nadia Rashad, Amir Al-Masry, and Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi.

The readers of “Emirates Today” also had many choices to include other works, but with a clear difference in voting. Among the Syrian dramas, the series “Breaking a Body”, “Suspended” and “Brokar 2” appeared, and from the Gulf works “Bibi” and “Skyscraper”, And the Iraqi dramas “Daughters of Saleh” and “The Diamonds are Broken.”

A part of the respondents considered that the series shown during the Ramadan season this year are less dramatic, and in terms of diversity in themes and ideas.

The reader, Fawzia, commented on the newspaper’s page on “Instagram”: “There is no distinguished work this year. They are all copied from previously shown films.

The reader (M. Al-Muhairi) agreed with her, noting that the soap operas have no purpose.

On the other hand, the reader, “Remroom Al-Dali”, expressed her happiness with the return of Syrian series that were filmed in Syria, and they honestly convey reality away from cosmetic. Respondents to the survey considered the series shown to be less dramatic in terms of variety in themes and ideas.

“Ghamm Island” ..

Various of the Egyptian series chosen by the readers of “Emirates Today”, “Meshwar”, starring the artist Mohamed Ramadan, and “Ghamm Island”, which viewers praised for the depth and difference in the idea, and a group of stars, including Mai Ezz El-Din and Ahmed, participated in the championship. Amin, Tariq Lutfi and Fathi Abdel Wahab, and “Al-Maddah 2”, which continues to achieve the success it achieved last year, “Tawbah”, and “Al-Kabeer Oy 6”, which returns after a hiatus for years, and “Who said”.

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Reader Fawzia:

• “There is no distinguished work this year.. They are all copied from previously shown films.”

“Rumrum Al-Dali”:

• “I am happy with the return of filmed series in Syria, and they convey reality without embellishment.”

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