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From arsenic to powder. The history of makeup also carries its health risks

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra's Dress (1963)

Sometimes the lips were red, and other times the eyebrows were sticky. In other times or cultures, on the other hand, make-up was totally forbidden because God created women completely and in His image. And so she painted secretly women, or only those who stood on the margins of society. Somewhere there were men or even children. But as they say, taste is indisputable, and maybe even today’s trends will be a bit silly for future generations. So what has fashion dictated hundreds of years ago?

Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome

In this ancient culture, people took great care of their appearance and women were formed. Of course, there were no perfumes like today, so they made their own products. The model at the time was Queen Cleopatra, who wore eyes heavily framed by a black kajal line that nearly led to her temples. Their lips were accentuated with red clay, and I used ground almond powder, lead, ash, and copper ore to get lighter complexion. Eye shadow has also been worn, often in blue, green, or black.

The Egyptians were very skilled chemists, so moisturizers and other care products were commonly used by women. At this time, men and children also highlighted their eyes with kayal line. The makeup was supposed to protect them mainly from the sun, but they also attributed spiritual effects to him. Egyptians knew henna, which they used to dye their hair and tattoo jewelry on their skin.