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From couches to concerts. A year later, Jihlava is enthusiastically preparing to merge

We want to create a space in nmst again, where we will do our best to bring comfort and convenience to everyone. Our goal is for people there to meet in good shape and mood and to be able to stay together and relax. We prepare sports games, free afternoons, caravan events, travel discussions, concerts, theaters, workshops and exhibitions, advises Cultural Counselor Sylvia Erkoff.

The organizer of the event is the city of Jihlava, which is a co-organization of the DKO, and a new contribution from Brno Jihlava is taking part in this.

It is important for me to collaborate with local associations, artists, athletes, travelers, business people and other institutions, such as the Library, Dm Gustav Mahler, Sokol, Diod and Horck Theater, as well as gastronomy service operators. Thus, we dream of connecting the local community and providing support at the same time.

Last week, the actor released 1.3 million crowns from the project budget.

It’s a key measure that I pioneered last year in response to public space anesthesia due to anti-epidemic measures. With the fact that we shared some things last year and don’t have to invest in them, this year’s program is going to be very rich, let’s remember.

From table tennis to Beidou itself zoologem

Each of the eight weeks will witness one darkness – travel, muller, club, music, service darkness, theater, literature and gastronomy. The program will have a fixed period. For example, films will be shown every Wednesday, neighborhoods will be rebuilt with a promising wind concert and five evenings will be dedicated to local bands concerts.

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There will be a lot of different games available – kuelky russian, ptanque, kubb, dma, painkiller, badminton or fishing, don’t be angry. Compared to last year, the game show has ping pong tables. There will also be pendulums, rubber guards, hunger rings, pike pins, wood chips, dominoes, coloring books, or punk throwbacks.

Jihlava Cultural House DKO in charge of these will be organized from eight weeks. Start with your first travel week. You will start with a discussion with the Gehlava Zoo honorary editor, zoologist and traveler Vladislav Geruk.

During July, people will have the opportunity to see photos from their travels, DKO Director Petr Palovk.

In the week’s speech, there will be another poetry of slam again. The municipal library will also present its display, and the discussion will be attended by the writer, publicist and the Jehlava family, author of the best-selling book Radji zelet ne zemt.

For Mahler understandable and accessible

One week will be devoted to composer Gustav Mahler. We would like to introduce the composer Gustav Mahler as a Jihlava figure, understandable and accessible to all. Mahler in Jihlav il, he has an unusual pbh and she is a cosmopolitan character, reminiscent of Silvia ermkov.

Mahler evening walking tours are set up with a guide, sculpture, creative workshop, and calligraphy.

During August, photos of the travels of Katarna Rushkov and Peter Bay will be shown, as well as guests of recent gastronomic and travel discussions.

Taste culminated at an event called Lto Tasting, which took place the weekend on August 27-29. Culinary specialties from all over the world will be displayed in over thirty walls.

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While it will be made strong with products from Czech producers, the gastronomic center will offer a glimpse of very unconventional cuisine. In addition to old Czech loks, Japanese sushi, and domc marmelda, people will also be able to sample specialty insects, Peter advises lofty.

The program will be complemented by a cooking and watering display. People know the technique of carving in fruits and vegetables – the so-called carving – and they can look at fish and Asian cuisine, for example.

The biggest attraction will be the movie screenings on the big screen of the summer cinema at the Heulos Amphitheater, where workers are now working on repairs to keep viewers at ease. The exact conditions for dropping a Majester Jet Abs.