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From drama to reality... The escape of Gilboa prison prisoners brings to mind a Palestinian series |  Palestine

From drama to reality… The escape of Gilboa prison prisoners brings to mind a Palestinian series | Palestine

Seven years after it was shown, the scenes of the Palestinian series “The Spirit” – which was shown in 2014 – turned into reality after 6 Palestinians managed to escape from the high-security Israeli prison Gilboa.

From drama to reality

The six prisoners managed to dig a tunnel under a sink in the prison bathroom, which they were able to pass through, which shocked the Israeli authorities, as Gilboa Prison is classified as one of the most guarded prisons in the world, and the Israel Prison Service published photos and videos showing the tunnel.

What actually happened at dawn on Monday was one of the scenes of the Palestinian series “The Spirit” when prisoners in prison dug a tunnel to free themselves.

The event aroused the astonishment of the followers through the social networking pages, as some linked the liberation of the Palestinian prisoners to themselves in Gilboa Prison and the series “Al-Rouh”.

One follower on Twitter said that the prisoners proved on the ground that there is no such thing as a fantasy.

Another said, “On this occasion, I would like to remind you of an old series called “The Spirit” that deals with real stories from the Palestinian cause.”

But the most famous series “Prison Break” was the first thing that came to everyone’s minds after the news of the prisoners’ escape spread.


The series “The Spirit” – directed by Ammar Al-Telawi – is a national tragic work that focused on the security precautions that the Mujahideen take during their work, as the hero of the series, Khaled, falls into the enemy’s net and is transferred to the cell.

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The work also dealt with the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and shed light on the resistance and patriotic youth segment.