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From Mars to the Moon |  Gulf editorial

From Mars to the Moon | Gulf editorial

Space is no longer reserved for adults. We wandered in it as we wandered on the ground. Whoever looks at space does not narrow the earth; Because we are looking for everything that makes a person happy and fulfills his ambitions and dreams. We have become like space without borders, moving from one planet to another, just as we embark on the path of the impossible. On earth, we build, build, build, and create the future and happiness.

After the “Probe of Hope”, which was launched to Mars on July 20, 2020, and the start of the exploration mission, here is the UAE launching the “Explorer Rashid” to the Moon on another mission that takes five months to record a scientific achievement in the space sector, which is the first Emirati and Arab achievement. To explore the moon and study the properties of its soil, rocks and geology of its surface, as well as the movement of dust, plasma and the “photoelectric” envelope, all of which are new discoveries that no country has ever made before, especially since the landing area will be in the “crater of Atlas”, which is a difficult site that has not been previously discovered by vehicles. Satellite or manned flights that targeted the moon before, hence the importance of the “Probe Rashid” mission.

We are no longer satisfied with going far with our sight looking at the planets and stars, enumerating them or repeating their names. This was from the past before we started the march of advancement and ascent, and before the impossible became from the past. We have become pioneers of space, we love to explore its depths, and we record the conquests in it, just as we record the political, economic, developmental, social, health and humanitarian conquests on Earth.

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The vast space has become one of our playgrounds in which we invest the energy and capabilities of youth, with knowledge, work and creativity in order to transcend the boundaries of space and time, and make the UAE the country of the future and a beautiful dream. “Explorer Rashid” was made by Emirati hands and Emirati design, but it strengthens the global partnership in space exploration.

This great work would not have been possible without a wise and inspiring leadership that knows what it wants, plans for the future, and possesses an iron will to achieve what makes the Emirates a point of radiance and light in the region and the world, and had it not been for a people who believe in their leadership, radiate loyalty and love, and walk side by side with it, fulfilling and achieving.

Salem Al-Marri, Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, confirms that the mission of “Explorer Rashid” is a prelude to the “Artemis” program of the US Space Agency to send people back to the moon in 2025, and a step towards sending people to Mars in the future.

This space achievement complements and enhances the achievement on Earth, and space exploration is a human ambition that serves man, the environment, communications, health, technologies, and the search for other sources of life. The “Explorer Rashid” mission will move the lunar exploration mission from competition to integration, through the participation of more than one international party in the launch process, equipment and landing process.

Congratulations to the Emirates and the Arabs for this new scientific achievement, which confirms that we can do the impossible whenever we want, and walk in line with the greats.

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