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From Opava, they moved to the whole of Europe with cheerful furniture. a chtj dl

Spn opavsk BenLemi was founded in 2016 (at that time only created by Michal Pomp) in gari, the first product was a main chair. The turning point was the birth of his father’s father Michel and then he started making children’s furniture. His brother Peter became the second employee and soon the company moved to the headquarters of VTC.

Balann swing in different colors.

Then go to vtch, because the product offer and the number of employees increased rapidly.

Since 2019, BenLemi has been operating as a limited liability company and has made its debut in a multimedia project with the manufacturer who has taken it upon himself to support domestic companies in the production of design products, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Furniture, Montessori utensils and children’s textiles, produced by Opava, filled the gap in the domestic and foreign markets, which Michel and Peter discovered. Today, it employs about thirty people directly in production, and another thirty take on the tasks of transportation, marketing and trade.

Test on children

They develop their products throughout Europe, where they have their own representative or online store. Discuss with clients what their ideas are and what they would like the best co-workers, their children, to experience.

Perhaps that is why it represents the flagship of home beds made in a number of variants and colors. But the Bombe brothers not only liked the furniture and accessories, they also began to make furniture from solid wood, with a metal base and other metal elements in a slightly industrial style.

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Unlike other manufacturers, they buy only wood and things, the rest is only their work. This means designing, manufacturing, packing, selling and shipping directly to the end customer who ordered their goods.

About the project

We are always looking for quality and design products, the production of which is hidden in the public. The complexity of the creative and productive processes remains a closely guarded secret. The project and manufacturers offer insight into the production backbone for anyone who wants to know how things work, explains project author and founder of marketing and PR agency Idealab Radek Va, where the project originated.