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From "spoiled" to heir to the throne... A look at Prince William's life and his readiness for the "higher job"

From “spoiled” to heir to the throne… A look at Prince William’s life and his readiness for the “higher job”

It used to be that there was humor and banter between William and Harry, even after William got married, there was a lot of fun in front of the cameras.

But over the years, William gradually transformed his appearance, from a cheerful young royal mingling with celebrities at trendy parties, to a more formal figure more suited to the throne.

According to sources, it was a deliberate shift as he moved steadily towards the “higher job”, as it is known.

Previously described as an “unwilling prince”, sources say William was in no hurry to take on his full public duties while he was settling down, initially marrying his soul mate, then raising a small family. It was all about finding the right balance.

But from the moment his grandmother died, he became first in line to the throne, and with him came an even more weighty title, with King Charles III saying in his first speech as king, “I am proud to call him Prince of Wales, Tesug Kimri” (in Welsh), the country of which I have the honor Hardly to bear his title through so much of my life and duty.”

With this, the new Prince and Princess of Wales have risen to the occasion, and are now expected to advance and support the King even more. They inherit huge tracts of land through the Duchy of Cornwall – giving them an independent income for the first time.

William’s father reinvented the role of the Prince of Wales through his professionalism. There is no longer room for a playboy lifestyle. William and Kate will have plans to make the role their own.

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But the family will remain the main priority for both, as their children started schooling in a new school only last week.

They would both be aware that the burden of royal duties was greater than ever expected. Not just because the Queen is gone, but because these duties were to be shared with Harry who has now relinquished his royal role.

It leaves the royal family, whether intentional or spontaneous, more fluid than ever, as the new Prince and Princess of Wales, the highest standing in history, is now firmly in the spotlight.