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From the memory of space .. the Mercury probe passes near Earth |  photo

From the memory of space .. the Mercury probe passes near Earth | photo

On April 10, 2020, the Jeddah Astronomical Society confirmed that it flew the probe (Bepicolombo) near the ground As part of a joint mission between the European Space Agency and the Japan Space Research Organization to send a probe to Mercury, this image of the Earth was published.

Experts confirmed that the probe was at the closest distance, at an altitude of only 12,700 kilometers above our planet, and this sequence of images was captured by one of the image cameras on the probe.

Experts said this maneuver, the first of nine near-planetary flybys but the only one with Earth, helped guide the probe toward Venus As it gradually approaches its target orbit around Mercury.

During its seven-year journey to Mercury, the BepiColombo probe will use the gravity of Venus and Mercury to overcome the gravity of the Sun. Instead of using up a lot more fuel than the tiny probe can hold, it uses this complex series of maneuvers instead.

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Images in this sequence were taken at 10-minute intervals of an hour on April 9, 2020, less than a day before the probe reached its closest approach to Earth. When BepiColombo approached Earth at more than 100,000 km/h, the distance shrank from 28,1940 km to 128,000 km during the time the sequence was captured.

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