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From the outside, only the lighthouses and police signs are missing.  There are civilian police defenders

From the outside, only the lighthouses and police signs are missing. There are civilian police defenders

Czech police will bring thirty modified Land Rover Defenders into the field within two years. It will be provided by the company Dajbych, which, in addition to selling cars, specializes in similar modifications. Then he will present the civilians with a special defender from police control. It was called the mission.

With its modifications and visually, the Defender’s mission is based on a demonstration piece designed specifically for the armed forces, which we were able to ride in April of this year. Logically, there are no hidden signs and red glowing police signs, but the landscape really coincides with the show car.

Tomáš Petrů, the company’s director of marketing, wrote: “Our military version of the Defender recently received a great response from customers, and since we specialize in off-road vehicle modifications, we decided to make a similar vehicle for ‘civilian’ customers.”

The Special Edition is based on Defender in S equipment, in addition, the car has a campaign roof and side mount, a retractable side ladder, off-road tires on metal discs, a pneumatic chassis with variable ground clearance (up to 291 mm), increased suction for easy wading, Huge towing eyes The Warn Zeon 8 winch is integrated into the rear bumper or rear bumper, which pulls up to 3.6 tons.

The car is also pasted over with matte metallic foil as standard. There is a military black “NATO” green, the car looks like a special police/military car, and the vintage off-road Olympic Camel Trophy fans will also enjoy the yellow foil with the outlined stripes. Sheet metal wheels are sprayed in the shade.

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The short ride indicated that off-road tire wear would be of greater benefit to off-road mobility than the standard versions with year-round road tires. Otherwise, the car has a standard active locking interaxle and a rear differential lock. He can open it in the field so he can connect to a sharper arc.

The car is powered by a D200 six-cylinder diesel engine with 200 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque and an automatic transmission. The company is offering Defender Mission for about 1.9 million kroner and would like to sell eight to ten pieces a year.