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From today until the end of the week.. Marsa Alam Airport receives 28 international flights

From today until the end of the week.. Marsa Alam Airport receives 28 international flights

Marsa Alam International Airport receives, from today, Monday, until the end of this week, 28 flights out of 63 flights that arrive at the airport during the current week, starting from last Saturday, including 12 international flights on Sunday.

Yesterday, Marsa Alam International Airport received 12 flights, including 5 flights from Italy, two flights from the Czech Republic, another from Belgium, Germany, Poland, a special flight from England, and a special flight from Ukraine, coming from Turkey, and a special flight..

And the weekly incoming flights to Marsa Alam Airport revealed the reception of the airport, starting last Saturday, 63 international flights this week, in an increase in arrival rates for Belgian, German, Swiss and Dutch tourists..

The incoming flights to Marsa Alam International Airport revealed that there are flights coming from 8 European countries, with 60 international European flights, and domestic flights up to 3 flights..

The flight lists confirmed that during the week 3 flights arrive from Belgium, 4 from the Netherlands, 8 from Italy, 14 from Germany, 12 from the Czech Republic, 16 from Poland, 3 from Switzerland, a flight from Lithuania and 3 domestic flights belonging to EgyptAir..

For his part, Abu Al-Hajjaj Al-Ammari, a tourism expert in the Red Sea, said that the rates of arrival for tourists of different nationalities to Marsa Alam are good, but of course there is an impact from Ukrainian flights after the Russian attack, and that there is an increase in the rates of flights coming from Europe.