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Fujio is dismissing a return to the United States

Stop after 4 years – Creation Stellandis, A new vehicle group born out of a merger of PSA and FCA, has come up with 15 brands to manage. But he also put together a very strong team in Europe (PSA), with a very strong team in the United States (FCA). This link called into question one of PSA’s plans, which it is bringing back Peugeot in the United States, In which the French company had been working for four years. According to those who are usually well known, the project now seems to have stalled Automations, Stellandis wants to focus on existing brands in the United States.

The job will not be lost – Larry Dominic, administrator led the return Peugeot In the United States since 2017, last Friday he was appointed President of North America for the Alfa Romeo brand: this is a clear sign. The work done was focused on creating efficient and innovative ones Distribution bandwidth Used digital technology to deliver consumer-targeted services such as distribution planning and vehicle collection. All of this will not be lost as it will be exploited for other US brands of Stellandis.

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