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Full details of stopping Zamalek’s registration in the right to sponsor Al-Jaziri, a “chronology”

The International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” decided to suspend Zamalek from registration due to the crisis of non-payment of the dues for the right to sponsor its player, Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri, for the Tunisian African Club, after the expiry of the deadline set for the Zamalek club to pay the amount due to the Tunisian club, after Saif Al-Jaziri moved from the contractors to Zamalek as final.

We review a “chronology” of the entire story, starting with FIFA’s first decision to oblige Zamalek to pay an amount due to the African Club until today, which witnessed new developments in the crisis.

On January 6, 2023

The Dispute Settlement Committee of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) issued its decision to fine Zamalek Club regarding the transfer of Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri from the ranks of the Arab Contractors to the ranks of Zamalek permanently, without the Tunisian African Club obtaining the right to sponsor him in Saif Al-Jaziri, who was in the ranks of the African earlier. .

The ruling obligated Zamalek to pay 838,000 Egyptian pounds due to the right to sponsor the African Club in Saif Al-Jaziri, who moved to the ranks of Zamalek on loan and then the final purchase.

On January 8, 2023

Salim Boulsnam, the Tunisian lawyer for the African Club, confirmed in exclusive statements to “Kora Plus” that Zamalek did not contact him after the ruling that was issued for the African Club, stressing that Zamalek will pay 838 thousand Egyptian pounds in addition to 10% interest on the aforementioned amount, in addition to paying an amount of 2000. Litigation dollars are paid to FIFA.

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The African’s lawyer: Zamalek did not contact us after being fined because of Al-Jaziri

Boulsnam indicated that FIFA gave Zamalek 45 days to pay the fine, otherwise the club will be suspended from registration.

On March 3, 2023

Salim Boulsnam, the African’s lawyer, confirmed FIFA’s decision to suspend Zamalek’s registration for three periods, due to Zamalek’s failure to pay the amount due to the African Club.

Al-Afriqi’s lawyer: Zamalek’s registration was suspended for 3 periods because of Al-Jaziri .. Zamalek responds: It is canceled immediately after payment

On the same day, a source inside the Zamalek club responded to the crisis, indicating that the matter does not constitute a disciplinary punishment for Zamalek, and once the amount owed to the Tunisian club is paid, Zamalek will be allowed to register any player after that naturally, which is the same thing that Salim Boulsnam had already confirmed, And who said that the penalty will end and be canceled immediately after payment.