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Full sides to protect soil and water and increase food self-sufficiency

Full sides to protect soil and water and increase food self-sufficiency

Many programs do not deal with farming in detail.

Before the new elections, the parties and coalitions in their programs in the field of agriculture mainly promised efforts to maintain and increase self-sufficiency in food production, they want to protect resources such as water or farmland. However, many programs do not deal with farming in detail.

KDU-SL, TOP 09 and ODS are in alliance together meet To strengthen the influence of the angel on the condition of the soil. He wants to promote private owners, fishermen, many trees or essential landscape features. And so the alliance is preparing to farm in support of small farms. He intended to set up a fund so farmers could buy out processing companies. It also provides more support for organic farming and increases the size of pensions on the land, kadoron should be three billion kroner.

The Bert-Starrost coalition will try to move forward with subsidies for the first 200 hectares of farms if the election is won. In your opinion, the upper limit for European payments will not be set. At the same time, the alliance will reduce agricultural subsidies to producers of crops not intended for food or feed production. in SVM a program Then they say that they intend to block the Danube-Odra-Elbe Canal, so they want to make basic agricultural subsidies conditional on the cultivation of intermediate crops for fodder plants or green manure.

Sosilen DemocratThey use in their vision that they will particularly support small and medium farmers. They want to impose pre-purchase first on agricultural land as the owners apply to change the plot of the building. SSD then wants to support tourism in the Czech wine region, including the enforcement of the food traffic light, that is, the labeling of food in stores, where people must know according to the color on the packaging whether the food is healthy.

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Communist The return put the first water resources in the hands of the district and municipalities, and in the current government this program announced subsidized programs. According to the KSM, it wants to stop farmland, support organic farming, or increase R self-sufficiency in food production.

The YES movement has not yet introduced the program, but its deputies have repeatedly supported subsidies for animal production, refused to cover European subsidies according to the size of farms and tried to support R self-sufficiency in food production. The party has always supported investment in agriculture.

In recent days, the SPD movement has presented the key points of its electoral platform, but it has not yet dealt in detail with agriculture itself. The party has always supported self-sufficiency in food production. In the previous programming period, for example, its deputies introduced an amendment to the amendment to the Food Code, which they wanted to introduce for the sale of basic Czech food in all stores.

Then the Psaha movement wants to solve the problems associated with climate change. “Only a healthy landscape will provide the necessary living conditions. As the ‘Roof of Europe,’ we want to focus on increasing the capacity of the Czech landscape to hold sickle water in affordable ways and then manage that water efficiently and economically.” a program.