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Vyhněte se smažení, které poškozuje zdraví

Fun and healthy: raw or cooked food? We know what’s healthier

I have heard many times that only raw diet for our body contains the most valuable in the form of various useful substances. There are also opinions that by cooking all the important nutrients in food, you destroy and consume only “empty” calories.

So how was it?
It largely depends on what you cook and what foods. This time we will focus on eating vegetables. If you must choose between the raw and fried kind, I definitely recommend leaning on the raw.

Frying produces a number of carcinogens that clog the body and can cause many health complications. The fact remains that some important substances can be destroyed by cooking. However, there are cases where certain nutrients are more absorbable for our body during the cooking process.

There are many examples:
Consider, for example, tomatoes and the important lycopene, which is found in greater amounts in cooked tomatoes than in the raw form. Lycopene is a red tomato pigment with anti-cancer effects. Some even say we get more antioxidants from boiled carrots than from raw carrots.

There are many legends among the people. I recommend eating fresh food and combining the raw form and the cooked form. Remember, it’s not just about what you eat, but what and how much you suck. Try to adapt your diet to your health, age, physical and mental stress, physical activity and other important factors. Eat a varied and varied diet to avoid one-sided and unnecessary health restrictions. If you are not sure, consult a doctor and dietitian.

Research Source: Health Facts

Mgr. Pavlina Podlokova

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