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Furniture design made of old cardboard?  These foot shop chairs will delight you

Furniture design made of old cardboard? These foot shop chairs will delight you

Do you have a truly unique piece of furniture at home that no one will miss? Footshop is now offering designer furniture with a really interesting story as part of its 10th birthday celebrations. Together with the Reebok brand, he has collaborated with ten artists from ten different countries and has prepared a number of ten artists. Design pieces of furniture that will impress you.

series of armchairs It can be found on Footshop’s website from December 9th Each winner of one of these 10 pieces as part of a birthday party receives a Reebok sneaker, custom-adapted by the artist, with a chair with a completely unique design. Tweet embed. On December 9, Footshop also released a line of clothing that reflects a decade of the legendary store’s existence.

Look at the chairs

Source: Footshop / Tomáš Třeštík

For gamers and street lovers

The armchairs are designed and handled by a number of different artists across Europe, and everyone can really enjoy here. Duo Ondrash & Kašpárek as representatives of the Czech Republic They came up with an armchair design with colorful cushions, which at first glance will make you crazy with its crazy psychedelic colors, really typical of these two designers.

Like Slovakia in the campaign Martin Lucay, which brought Footshop enthusiasts an abstract-looking armchair with a touch of street. But fans of card games and the classic idea of ​​poker cards will get their money’s worth. This piece was designed by a German pop art artist Joanna Walderdorf.

Source: Footshop / Tomáš Třeštík

KSELEQOQYNQYSHY from Romania, Alexandra Georgieva from Bulgaria, Daniel Labrus from Hungary, Ruel van der Linden from Holland, Flavian Flavor “Mill” from France, Edita GRZYB from Poland and CACAO ROCKS from Greece. Then the successful Czech photographer Tomas Testik took over the opening task.

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Two-stage production

Chairs were produced in two stages. Before the artists started working, Cartoons took care of the production Ten perfectly matched chairsthat creators can unleash their creativity on. In addition, the company, along with Footshop, produced all the pieces of cardboard found in the legendary fashion store. Thus it reveals only one thing. Sustainability is important.

Along with designer home accessories, Footshop presents everyone who wins the chair with unique shoes Reebok Classic Leather Puppy, which was adapted by designer Michele to perfectly match individual pieces of furniture.

The Reebok brand also plays a very important role in accompanying Unisex clothing collection, which is also brought to you by Footshop as part of the festivities. On the fashion pieces you will find authentic labels and prices associated with Footshop and its culture throughout its existence. In the set you will find three shirts and a pair of hoodies, which will be available from December 9 in online and stone stores.

I want the shoe store to meet the Reebok group

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Preview image: The Shoe Store / Thomas Tristick