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G42 and Amazon Web Services Provide Genomics Solutions

G42 and Amazon Web Services Provide Genomics Solutions

Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»

G42 Healthcare announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform, to develop new global solutions in the fields of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

The collaboration, announced on the sidelines of the International Conference on Biotechnology Innovation 2022 in San Diego, California, aims to advance global access to the next generation of data analytics, proteomics, and world-leading genomic sequencing platforms provided by G42 Healthcare. And work to provide it to governments, population genomics programs and life sciences initiatives around the world, and the signing of the partnership witnessed the presence of representatives from “G42 Healthcare” and “Amazon Web Services.”

Extensive migration of local biological samples held in bioinformatics banks as well as high-quality omics insights and data is transforming population health and precision medicine, promoting research and development in life sciences, and agriculture. Unlocking the potential of such bioresources is costly. It is complex and requires huge investments and great expertise that is difficult to obtain. Hence, the initiative between G42 Healthcare and the Amazon Web Services platform aims to overcome difficulties and enable capabilities quickly, securely, reliable and affordable, as G42 Healthcare owns the Omix Center of Excellence in Abu Dhabi, which can produce more than 500,000 complete genetic sequences. annually.

Ashish Koshi, CEO of G42, said: “Our high experience in running the world’s largest comprehensive population genome initiative in Abu Dhabi is irrefutable proof of our advanced capabilities and capabilities in implementing a broader and more comprehensive process, from sample management to advanced analytics.”

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“Governments and researchers can benefit from access to next-generation genetic sequencing platforms, proteomics, and data analytics, powered by the most resilient cloud computing environment,” said Jens Dummel, Director of Public Sector Healthcare EMEA at Amazon Web Services. And safe.