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Galaxies of the universe and man |  Mohammed Khalifa

Galaxies of the universe and man | Mohammed Khalifa

Mohammed Khalifa

Scientific discoveries have reached such a large amount that many people realize that it is the beginning of an unprecedented scientific era. It is considered a revolution that differs in quantity and quality from all the revolutions that accompanied the philosophies of the end of the nineteenth century and what its physical and applied sciences witnessed.

These scientific developments destroyed the old concepts about the universe, not only in the field of physics, but also in every field of life. As a result of all of this, we are living in a new transitional phase of conflict between man and the universe, and man’s attempts to subject the terrible material forces to the power of the mind, although throughout human history the relationship between man and existence has remained a turbulent relationship, according to human growth, and its expansion in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of life. Therefore, it is not possible to separate the real strategy between earth and space, for everyone is one, and man is concerned with the earth and is also concerned with knowing the universe around him, and to the extent that he has knowledge of what revolves around him, the more he is able to realize himself and prove his presence on the earth, develop himself and possess new tools that help him in overcoming the various difficulties encountered.

Hence, the idea of ​​space exploration arose in the major countries, and many satellites and spacecraft were launched, and man has achieved many scientific gains in this field, and he has known many secrets that were previously obscure. But there are still many many closed secrets, related to distant galaxies located in the depths of the universe and on its edges, which are the galaxies that possess the treasure of secrets, hence the launch of the United States of America, via NASA, the space telescope “James Webb”.

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It took about thirty years to build this space telescope, a joint effort between the US, European and Canadian space agencies. Its cost was about ten billion dollars. After its launch, it reached its final orbit around the sun, about 930,000 miles from Earth’s orbit, last January, the farthest place human space instruments have reached so far. One of the main goals of the James Webb telescope was to find galaxies so far away that the light emitted from them was expected to travel almost the entire history of the universe to reach the telescope.

And recently, NASA released the first full-color image from the James Webb Space Telescope, which is an infrared image of a cluster of galaxies that presents the most detailed glimpse ever to the origin of the universe, looking at more than 13 billion years, and the image is filled with thousands of galaxies and shows the smallest objects that not noticed at all. The question that arises, after this time taken to build the telescope, and its great cost, what is the importance of those images?! Why was there such a big fuss about it?!

In fact, these images reveal new facts that scientists did not know before about the universe, and revealed questions and perceptions in the imaginations of many researchers and scientists. Greater and more likely to stimulate the imagination of researchers, and tempt the appetite of scientists to discover more in the coming days.

The telescope’s lens was able to capture images of those galaxies as they emerged from the Big Bang more than ten billion years ago, so these images captured by the telescope are glimpses of the processes that formed stars and planets long before our appearance. Certainly, there are other facts hidden by NASA, because it is unreasonable to reveal everything that this telescope explores, because the main goal behind its launch is to achieve a scientific precedent for the United States and Western countries over other competing countries in the world.

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Hence, the James Webb telescope represents an advanced Western work to understand and explore the universe, and the surprises that will be presented by this telescope will follow successively, but it is not known whether the goal will be reached through it. On the threshold of real exploration of the universe?! Will you be able to invest this exploration in achieving material returns that raise them again, as the exploration of America, before, raised Europe from the state of weakness in which it was to strength, and made it dominate the world?!

The countries of the West are standing today at a historical turning point. They are generally experiencing an unprecedented economic recession, which may cause a real catastrophe for all Western peoples, and for this they need an urgent rescue, but will this rescue be from a mysterious place in this universe that will be discovered by James Webb’s telescope?!

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