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Galerie Butovice shopping center is once again expanding the range of stores and services, children and adults alike will find something to their liking.

Galerie Butovice shopping center is once again expanding the range of stores and services, children and adults alike will find something to their liking.

While school children were enjoying their holidays and their parents a well-deserved holiday, Galerie Butovice shopping center was busy even in the summer. The result is a wide range of services, a diverse autumn program full of exciting events and many newly opened stores:

beginning of life He is a wholesaler of estheticians and masseuses, but also has a great selection for general public clients. Here you will find luxurious bio-collagen cosmetics, special probiotic concentrates, herbal preparations and other products for internal cleansing and external regeneration of the skin of the face and body. Directly in the store, trained professionals will use devices to diagnose your skin and health and recommend appropriate and customized nutritional supplements.

Potovice Gallery

Photo: Gallery Botovis

In the garage of Galerie Butovice you can see about fifty cars that can be rented long or short term from Driveto. Everything works on the same principle as when renting an apartment, you just pay not the rent, but the flexible operating lease. Drevito He believes that renting a car with the option to trade it in or return it at any time for free is the future of mobility.

The store of branded shoes and accessories has also become very popular Riker Obuvzó Its shoes are not only fashionable, but above all high quality and comfortable. Rieker uses a patented production technology, so the shoes of this brand are light and at the same time absorbing shocks while walking, which will especially appreciate the feet after walking all day.

Preparations are in full swing for the opening of a new store for the Sinsay brand, which believes in fashion that is always fresh, but at the same time is not afraid to experiment. As a result, it is very popular in Central Europe, and soon Galerie Butovice customers will also be able to try it.

Get rewards and benefits in the new mobile application

download it MUJI Gallery Putovies mobile application Choose one of the various rewards. All you have to do is take a picture of your purchase receipts at Galerie Butovice and you will get points that you can exchange for, for example, sports bottles or stylish mini speakers in attractive colors. Thanks to the app, you can also access special offers from merchants such as Automyčka Express, Orsay, Mc Pen, Pizza Hut or Fruitisimo – see for yourself right in the app!

A high recreation area is planned for children and adults

Preparations have begun for the construction of a new entertainment area for children and adults on the land near the Galerie Butovice shopping center. The top multifunctional area will open to the public in the spring of 2023 and will offer a wide range of possibilities for the use of leisure time – from a unique children’s playground made of wooden slats designed directly for Galeria Butovice by a leading Danish supplier, through exercise items for adults, to barbecue facilities, coffee and refreshment kiosks small. Of course, there will also be planting green spaces, improving gardens and adding furniture. The current route of roller skates and scooters will also be updated. This way, everyone will find something for themselves!

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Potovice Gallery

Photo: Gallery Botovis

Diverse entertainment program that will make back to school more fun for kids

Already in September, you can look forward to another event that Galerie Butovice regularly prepares for parents with young and old children. This time, the program will offer a lot of fun in the presentation Michel Nesvadba From magic kindergarten, physics theater shows, inflatable attractions and Hot Wheels Pump Show. The content of this area is mainly based on interactive workshops, moderated exhibitions and the opportunity to experience attractive sports activities on a bike or scooter on your own. However, there will also be rich competitions for prizes. Thus, the area is guaranteed to attract children and young adults of any age, whether they are walking the track or not.

Come to us on Sunday 11/09/2022 to experience a day full of fun and compete for cash prizes!