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Game Pass confirms new First Day game in June 2023

A new Game Pass release has been named for a day X killers Confirmed in June 2023, adding another title to the subscription service. The new game comes from frequent Game Pass partner No More Robots and the full title of the game is Killers X: Terminal Fallout: The Killer’s Revenge. Game Pass subscribers will get Boomer Shooter inspired by 3D Realms, a modern satirical game Duke Nukem 3D And Shadow warrior. X killers It launches on Steam and on both PC and Xbox Game Pass on June 1st.

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Killers X: Terminal Fallout: The Killer’s Revenge It was first announced over a year ago by publisher No More Robots. revealed side by side dreamcatcherthe sequel to the sci-fi browser mystery game Tendershoot Hypnospace Outlaw. X killers It is also a continuation of Hypnospace Outlaw franchise, because it was “made” by a teenage hacker character named Zane. Zane is now grown up and making a game. He’s suitably dead, befitting him Hypnospace Outlaw links.

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Announcement Killers X: Terminal Fallout: The Killer’s RevengeGame Pass ties were delivered via a big video ad from No More Robots on Thursday. The trailer and accompanying press release have been confirmed X killers It will be available as a standard PC version on Steam and across both PC and Xbox Game Pass as a release in June. A private beta preview level is also available for X killers Now it can be earned by wishlisting the game on Steam.

A great deal of new gameplay for X killers It also appears in the new trailer. Zen, the protagonist X killers, he is shown shooting “psykos”, pulling lame pranks, blowing up arcades, and yelling at his online friends. Rad’s weapons such as the sludge-blast crossbow, green laser-shooting sword, shotgun, triple-missile launcher, and more are also featured.

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For fans of the games published by No More Robots, this announcement will not come as a huge surprise. No More Robots has a long-standing relationship with Game Pass, as company director Mike Rose said not long ago that the company plans to bring all of its future games to Game Pass. Game Pass’s reach and willingness of its subscriber base to try new things seems to be a ripe environment for titles like X killers to find success in it.

while Killers X: Terminal Fallout: The Killer’s Revenge It may not be a huge AAA game that every subscriber can get excited about, it’s another niche game that will make a younger audience very happy. Whether it’s Boomer Shooter fans, Hypnospace Outlaw Fans, or Game Pass subscribers interested in trying it all, X killers You’ll make the most of Day 1 of Game Pass launch.

Killers X: Terminal Fallout: The Killer’s Revenge Launches June 1 on PC and Xbox via Game Pass.

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