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Gangs of monkeys terrify humans.. they hit, steal and kidnap children

Gangs of monkeys terrify humans.. they hit, steal and kidnap children

According to the British newspaper, The Sun, monkey He may beat, steal and even kidnap children, in broad daylight.

And once, a monkey in afor India He kidnapped a monkey, then held it stubbornly, and only let go after making a great effort to save the little one.

In Chongqing District in chinaA little girl was kidnapped by a monkey while she was on a bicycle, and when she was rescued from the animal’s grip, she had scrapes on the face.

And earlier, the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, wrote that the monkeys are roaming some neighborhoods of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, in search of what they can steal from people by surprise.

Some homes are forced into Malaysia To put strong supports, so as to prevent the monkeys from entering the houses, because they run quickly in search of what they can take.

And in a horrific incident, the newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, earlier, that monkeys in a village in India took revenge on the dogs of the region by killing about 250 of them.

According to the report, the monkeys were taking dogsespecially small ones, and then you throw them from high places.

and in Tarek mountain In Britain, it is forbidden by law to feed monkeys, and anyone who breaks this system faces a hefty fine of 4,000 pounds.

Experts recommend caution and caution when going to a place where there are monkeys, because this animal may snatch a phone or even a baby, and retrieval of things and young people may be dangerous.

Experts recommend avoiding monkeys by avoiding looking at them, as well as not passing between the mother and her young, so that she does not feel a danger that pushes her to move and attack.

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And if you are in nature and a monkey approaches you, it is advised to hit a stick of reeds on the ground, because this movement may push the animal away.

Environmentalists also recommend not approaching a wounded monkey, and since this animal is afraid of snakes, placing fake plastic snakes may drive the monkeys away.