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Gantz addresses the countries of the Middle East in the wake of the Israeli strike on Syria

Reuters Dan Williams

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz addressed the countries of the Middle East, calling on them to “prevent Iran from encroaching on its sovereignty and its citizens,” hours after Israel launched an air strike on Syria.

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The Russian defense reveals the details of the Israeli attack on Latakia and the reason why the Syrian air defenses did not respond to it

On Tuesday, Gantz said while touring the “Ramat David” air base in northern Israel, that the Israeli forces were “ending a year of significant operational activities.”

He added, “This year, we dealt with threats on different fronts, all of which were fed by Iran, which represents the greatest enemy of my country and the peoples of the Middle East.”

And Gantz continued, “I call on all countries in the region to end Iran’s encroachment on its sovereignty and its citizens. Israel will not allow Iran to transfer game-changing weapons to its clients and threaten our citizens.”

The Israeli Defense Minister accused Iran of destabilizing Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries, and seeking to “ignite the region.”

Gantz called on Syria to prevent Iran from operating within its borders, saying that the IDF would continue to act as needed to thwart Tehran’s activities, without mentioning the latest Israeli strike.

And the official Syrian news agency, SANA, had previously reported, quoting a military source, that the Israeli warplanes carried out, at dawn on Tuesday, “an air aggression with rockets from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the city of Latakia, targeting the container yard in the commercial port in Latakia.”

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According to Moscow and Damascus, the attack resulted in non-significant material damage without causing any casualties among the Syrian military.

Over the past years, Israel has launched hundreds of raids in Syria, saying that these operations are aimed at preventing the military establishment of armed factions loyal to Iran in Syrian territory.

Israel rarely confirms the implementation of these strikes in Syria, but it reiterates that it will continue to confront what it describes as Iran’s attempts to establish its military presence there.

Source: Israeli media + agencies