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Gantz reveals the Arab country he wants to “push” to normalize with Israel

Reuters Corina Kern

Blue and White leader, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

The Israeli Defense Minister and head of the “Blue and White” coalition, Benny Gantz, confirmed that he is seeking to reach an agreement on the normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia.

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The Israeli foreign minister talks about

“I hope we can push the Saudis to an agreement to normalize relations,” Gantz said, during an expanded meeting with hundreds of activists for his party today, Friday.

“At the same time, it is necessary that we strengthen relations with the United States and peace with Jordan and Egypt, as well as with the countries of the Abrahamic agreements,” Gantz added.

And the American “New York Times” previously reported that Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, in an interview with the newspaper published Thursday evening, ruled out the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, the two countries he described as the “holy grail” in the Islamic world.

Since September 2020, Israel has reached historic agreements to normalize relations with the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan, to join these four countries with Egypt and Jordan, which concluded similar documents previously.

But since late 2020, the normalization process has stopped, amid statements by Israeli officials about negotiations with other countries in the Islamic world, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Indonesia.

Relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia during the era of former US President Donald Trump witnessed several indications of a certain rapprochement between the two parties amid escalating tension in the region with Iran, while the media reported that the Israeli Prime Minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, met the Kingdom’s leadership, but Riyadh denied The authenticity of these news and it has repeatedly stressed that it will not conclude normalization agreements with the Israeli side until a just solution to the Palestinian issue is reached based on the Arab Peace Initiative.

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Source: “Maariv” + agencies