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Koronavirus a sport

Gatlin successfully tested the Olympic Stadium in a competition dominated by Japan

American runner Justin Gatlin won the 100 meters during the Japanese test of Japanese organizers at a meeting in Tokyo. The 39-year-old Olympic champion in the shortest race of Athens and two-time world champion achieved an average time of 10.24 seconds and defeated the home team Uhi Tado by two hundred.

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The second most important category meeting of the continental tour – gold was attended by more than four hundred athletes, but only a handful of foreigners, including Gatlin and Qatari climber Moataz Issa Barshim, who won a 230cm performance. The races at Japan National Stadium, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies in less than three months at the Olympics as well as athletics, were a test for the organizers ahead of the postponed games. In particular, the organizers have embraced the work under strict measures against the spread of the Coronavirus.

The meeting with the subtitle “Ready Steady Tokyo – Athletics” was held without spectators, given that the state of emergency is currently in effect in Tokyo due to the worsening coronavirus situation. In the capital and many other provinces, the procedures will continue until May 31. The Olympic Games will begin on July 23, and it has yet to be decided whether Japanese spectators will at least be able to enter the halls during the mega event. The presence of aliens was previously unlikely.

Results of the IAAF Continental Tour meeting in Tokyo
Continental Round – The Golden Athletics Meeting in Tokyo:
Men – 100 m (0,0 m / s vítr): 1. Gatlin (USA)
200 m (+1,4): 1. Iizuka 20,48
400 AD: 1. Sato 45.61
5000 AD: 1. Ičida 13: 27.73
110 AD (-0.8): 1. Cannae 13.38
400 AD BC: 1. Kurokawa 48.6
3000 BC: 1. Miura (all Japanese) 8: 17.46
Height: 1. Rivet (Diameter) 230
Rod: 1. Yamamoto 555
Distance: 1. Hashioka 807
Shaft: 1. Stacks (all of Japan) 80.98
women – 1500 m: 1. Tanakova (Japan) 4: 09.10
5000 AD: 1. Jatiri (Kenya) 15: 10.91
100 CE (-0.8): 1. Terada 12.99
3000 BC: 1. Chipkimwe (Kenya) 9: 39.29
Distance: 1. Hattaofa 648
Spear: 1. Ueda (both Japanese) 58.93
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