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Gattuso thwarts an attempt to burgle his house: surveillance cameras and guard dogs

Coach Gattuso was able to protect his home from theft (Ion Alcoba/Getty)

The Italian coach did Gennaro Gattusocoach of the Spanish club Valencia, thwarted the attempt of a group of thieves who wanted to burgle his house, andStealing valuablesLast Friday, during his team’s match in the “La Liga”.

And the Spanish newspaper “AS” revealed, on Sunday, that a group of thieves tried to break into the Italian coach’s house during the confrontation, which brought together his club, Valencia and Cadiz, on Friday, in the 16th week of the “La Liga” competitions.

And she added that the thieves were subjected to a major shock, after they discovered that the Italian coach, Gennaro Gattuso, had installed a tight security system, in order to protect him from any robbery that would target his home in the city of Valencia.

She explained that Gennaro Gattuso has installed an advanced system of surveillance cameras, in addition to special motion-sensing devices, in addition to two guard dogs, after they were intensively trained to confront any robbery.

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And she added that the thieves failed to break into Gennaro Gattuso’s house, after the two dogs forced them to withdraw, in addition to the sensors issuing alarm sounds, which prompted the local police to attend quickly.

And she concluded that the Spanish police requested the video recordings from the surveillance cameras, in order to track down the thieves, who tried to rob the house of the Italian coach, Gennaro Gattuso, the coach of the Valencia club.

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