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Gazprom’s departure from Germany gas despite ruble dl flowing to Europe

Gazprom did not justify the decision, only stating that it also terminated the work of Gazprom Marketing and Trade Ltd.

Berlin-based Gazprom Germany owns one stake, Gazprom Export, which is wholly owned by its parent company Gazprom. The German division has branches in the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic.

The company’s main field of activity is the storage and trading of natural gas and the supply of gas as a fuel for transporting filling stations. One hundred percent owner of Gazprom Germania under the name Gazprom NGV Europe in the Czech Republic according to the site Operating twelve compressed natural gas stations.

First of all, the German newspaper Handelsblatt wrote about the departure of the German newspaper, citing sources from the local department, that the German Economy Ministry is considering the expropriation and consolidation of the German divisions of the Russian energy companies Gazprom and Rosnev due to concerns. about the power supply.

Russia is in dispute with European countries over gas payments and is asking for money in rubles, which European countries refuse to pay and insist on paying in euros or dollars, as determined by current contracts.

Europe will continue to supply Russian gas without Peru. The flows of two of three major pipelines brewing Russian gas to Europe – Nord Stream 1 through the Baltic Sea and the pipeline through Ukraine to Slovakia, remained stable. Gas fortresses are scheduled to be delivered at the end of April and at the end of the month or in May.

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So far, I don’t have much wiggle room. In any case, it shows how important Europe and the German region are now in terms of gas supplies, says Michel Nober, an energy expert and investment advisor at J&T Group.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the decree on the new payment system could be rescinded in the future if other conditions emerged. In the current conditions, however, according to him, the ruble is more suitable and safer for me.

According to Natland analyst Petr Barton, Putin does not want to deliver supplies simply because he also needs the technology to take gas. Storage areas are not inflatable and sealing wells is neither cheap, nor easy, nor fast.