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Geely invades outer space with 63 satellites to provide modern mobility

Geely invades outer space with 63 satellites to provide modern mobility

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Geely invades outer space with 63 satellites to provide modern mobility, today, Monday, June 6, 2022 11:24 am

Tesla is no longer the only company investing in the conquest of outer space, and among the new names investing in space are Volvo and Lotus owned by China’s Geely Group or Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, both brands have committed to a greener and more technologically advanced future, as evidenced by cars like the Lotus and the Volvo XC40 Recharge, both of which are driven by electric motors and feature a number of advanced driver assistance systems.

Geely announced that it had conducted its first successful launch of the satellite on the 1st of June. Nine satellites were launched into orbit from the Geely Satellite Launch Center in China. These satellites are there to help provide more accurate navigation for brand vehicles, such as Volvo and Lotus. Of course, Geely and its sub-brands aren’t the only automakers in the space. Tesla has SpaceX as a company specializing in the conquest of space and the search for an opportunity to colonize new planets. SpaceX currently has more than 2,000 satellites in orbit, providing Starlink Internet service.

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Chinese brand Geely says it will have 63 more satellites in orbit by 2025, with that number eventually rising to around 240 in the coming years. The same satellites will provide ultra-accurate positioning support for the brand’s self-driving cars. Geely said its network will also be used for other commercial functions, such as many of the SpaceX satellites. For example, Geely satellites will provide communication services for the Asian Games in September this year.

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And by looking at any current map of man-made space objects in orbit, we’ll see what we’re up to. However, Gilly says that wouldn’t be a problem. The new satellites will have a five-year operational window, after which they will simply fall out of the sky, disintegrate in the atmosphere, and leave no debris behind.

Lotus electric car

Obviously, this means that we can expect more driver assistance technologies in Volvo and other Geely-owned vehicles in the coming years. Unfortunately, Geely does not specify the capacity, apart from the location-tracking capabilities of the satellites. We imagine these details will come from Geely brands over the coming months and years.